4Tracks: Revamping Logistics with End-to-End Transport Connectivity

Elan Levine, Director of Marketing & Jas Brar, Co-founder and Vice President, 4TracksElan Levine, Director of Marketing & Jas Brar, Co-founder and Vice President
Over the last two years, core logistics operations like trucking and fleet management experienced never-before-seen personnel shortages due to COVID-19. Meanwhile, workforce migration also resulted in extreme pressure for the truckers who chose to continue working through the pandemic hurdles, leading to increased road incidents due to overworking. In light of this, the logistics arena is seeking new-age transportation service providers capable of ensuring driver safety and timely delivery of goods. Addressing this need with its combination of driver safety expertise and comprehensive fleet of short and long-distance trucks is Winnipeg, Canada-headquartered 4Tracks.

From humble beginnings with just one truck in 2007, 4Tracks has since expanded into one of the largest fleets in Western Canada with companies like Loblaws Supermarkets and Real Canadian Superstore as clients. Currently, 4Tracks provides efficient transportation offerings, including light commercial vehicles (LCV) operations, specialized temperature-controlled fleets, dry vans, and reefers that can deliver intermodal and cross-country connectivity for seamless delivery of goods.

“We plan everything down to the last detail: from tracking the volume we have to knowing what needs to be hauled this week. This pre-planning of all critical facets allows us to work seamlessly with our clients and deliver on time,” says Jas Brar, co-founder and VP of 4Tracks.

One of 4Tracks’ crown jewels is its coast to-coast coverage services that help clients minimize their fleet downtime.
The company also manages non-stop delivery operations by utilizing a combination of short and long haul equipment that ensure fast, efficient, and cost-effective transportation services. From a workforce standpoint, 4Tracks has a highly competent driver team that precisely mitigates all client needs. Besides its drivers, 4Tracks also has a dispatch team that effectively plans and delivers clients’ scheduled and time-sensitive loads across North America.

Even in cases where a client requires an urgent last-minute load, 4Track’s teams work round the clock to deliver the goods on time. Concurrently, 4Tracks focuses on safety across all areas of its business and defines it as a culture of caring. The company leverages innovative safety technology to ensure its drivers are always safe while on the road. To that end, 4Tracks provides inspection bay services where its team inspects every truck to ensure maximum reduction of breakdowns.
  • We manage non-stop delivery operations by utilizing a combination of short and long-haul equipment that ensure fast, efficient, and cost effective transportation services

Every vehicle that leaves a yard undergoes a comprehensive evaluation of its health and performance at 4Tracks’ inspection bay. “Our assessments involve mounted cameras that check truck undercarriages and determine whether the load is excessive. Furthermore, we eliminate the need for truckers to go off-site for load weighing and re-fuelling by offering 24/7 on-site inspection,” states Elan Levine, director of marketing, 4Tracks. Such facets are a testament to how impactful 4Tracks can be with respect to ensuring utmost driver safety and timely deliveries.

Recently, the company played a critical role in effectively delivering necessary goods during the 2021 flood in British Columbia. As the incident cut off all road and rail routes between Metro Vancouver and the rest of Canada—effectively isolating the BC province—4Tracks redirected its existing truck routes through the U.S. to transfer the necessary goods and products to the BC residents in need. To accomplish this, 4Tracks reinforced its trucks and workforce to ensure seamless distribution of goods.

Building on such strong human-centric services, 4Tracks is now focused on expanding geographically to explore opportunities beyond its current footprint. In pursuit of this, 4Tracks is opening a new facility at CentrePort Canada in December 2022. In the coming months, as Canada continues experiencing supply chain disruptions caused by labor shortages, 4Tracks is poised to help the industry mitigate the existing and emerging supply chain issues with its trucking and fleet management services.

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Winnipeg, Canada

Elan Levine, Director of Marketing & Jas Brar, Co-founder and Vice President

4Tracks has grown into one of the largest fleets in Western Canada with leading retail industry customers like Loblaws Supermarkets and Real Canadian Superstore.