About Logistics Transportation Review

Logistics & Transportation (L&T) Review serves professionals and decision-makers in logistics, materials handling, and transportation industries through its print and digital magazines, website, and newsletters.

Leadership skills and knowledge needed to manage, shape, and lead organizations in these sectors are unique and challenging due to the critical part they play in moving the wheels of economic growth by ensuring that clients get the right products at the right place at the right time.

Logistics & Transportation (L&T) Review covers all business and technology-related news along with advances and trends in the management, equipment and solution areas. We address the challenges that are relevant to a variety of sectors, including 3PL, Cold Chain Logistics, Railways, Ports, Maritime Freight, Fleet Management, Road Haulage & Trucking, Warehousing & Storage, Air Cargo and Airports. The magazine acts as a platform for industry insiders to share their real-life knowledge, management practices, and advice with their peers.

Logistics & Transportation (L&T) Review is published from Fort Lauderdale, FL, with editorial support from our editors located all over the U.S., Europe and APAC countries.

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