Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, July 29,2021

Feature of the Week

Users must prioritize their needs and understand relevant options that need to get the most out of IoT fleet management solutions.  Read more
The difficulty with apps that have a lot of little IoT devices is that it's simple to miss a few of them while updating software or changing passwords, and those few minor gaps are all a hacker needs to get into a network.  Read more
The choice of a logistics model will rely on the business's particularities and the unique sell propositions of the best available providers.  Read more


By Joe Neal, CIO, Heniff Transportation Systems  
Successful outcome won’t automatically happen just because the project has been completed. They need to be actively managed and used until they have been achieved.  Read more
By David Beckerman, SVP and CIO, The Pasha Group  
When the CIO and business work in concert, smart and strategic investments can be made resulting in happier customers and a more successful business.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Jonathan Pintado, Vice President of operations,   
Monarch Inventory Services is one of the highly-rated inventory management service providers in the U.S. The company’s tailor-made approach to inventory services is in striking contrast to the cookie-cutter approach that’s generally seen in...  Read more
By Tim Wolin, Founder and Dan Cavanaugh, President and CEO,   
The company is a global leader in providing value-driven, end-to-end supply chain management software solutions  Read more
By Donny Salazar, Founder and CEO,   
Founded in Los Angeles in 2018, MasonHub, Inc. is an omnichannel fulfillment technology and services company that is revolutionizing the third-party logistics industry  Read more

CXO Insights

By Arnaud Deshais, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Redbubble  
By Jamie Boychuk, Executive Vice President-Operations, CSX  
Not so many years ago, citing examples of innovative technology adoption by railroads was a challenging exercise.  Read more