AKB Transportation: Addressing Shipping Needs with Integrity and Professionalism

Brad Austin, Founder and CEO, AKB TransportationBrad Austin, Founder and CEO
For Brad Austin, making a name for himself in the trucking industry was instinctual. Born with a legacy deeply rooted in the trucking space, Austin had naturally gained the competitive advantage to take his family business forward. However, unlike his forefathers, who owned large trucking companies, he tried to paint his picture a little differently. As a result, what began as a small, regional firm in 2004, Austin soon evolved into a nationwide transportation company catering to all modern-day shipping requirements.

Today, AKB Transportation is a freight broker that serves businesses’ varying shipping needs, offering an unrivalled service portfolio, including LTL and FTL freight services, container/drayage services, intermodal services, and flatbed truck services, refrigerated truck services, air & bonded freights, and warehousing & distribution. Combined with Austin’s deep repository of knowledge in trucking and his unmatched entrepreneurial skills, AKB Transportation has grown to become a true leader in the industry that provides a diverse range of services across the U.S.

“Since our inception, we have been driven by a mission to provide the most efficient and personalized trucking solutions to our clients,” says Brad Austin, the founder and CEO of AKB Transportation.

Aspiring to serve as the most trusted partner in the trucking industry, AKB Transportation provides end-to-end support to its clients.
The company has covered everything from quickly finding the right carrier for their needs, negotiating rates, and efficiently transporting their freights on time.

In several instances, team AKB Transportation has put their best foot forward to ensure that clients have access to essential carrier resources to ship their freight in less than two weeks. This manifests the company’s relentless focus on addressing its customers’ needs, irrespective of the size and nature of their freight. In addition, AKB Transportation always ensures that its clients’ products are in great hands and builds trust among the clientele by delivering the utmost professional service with integrity, transparency, and reliability.

What separates AKB Transportation from others is its competitive pricing. Regardless of the rising freight rates due to fuel cost hikes and driver shortages, the company guarantees its clients will not pay outrageous amounts for its logistics services. AKB Transportation’s value was well-exemplified during the pandemic when its team stepped into action to help clients ship their containers with medical essentials to hospitals on the West Coast. The client was struggling to take these products such as masks, gloves, and breathing machines to healthcare facilities on time due to the lack of port staff and drivers.
  • Since our inception, we have been driven by a mission to provide the most efficient and personalized trucking solutions to our clients

AKB Transportation quickly reached out to its extensive partner network and brought additional human resources to help the client keep their containers moving. As a result, the hospitals received their supplies so that they were able to deliver care to their patients amid the escalating pressure of virus contamination. This perfect example manifests AKB Transportation’s capability and willingness to go above and beyond its core competencies to serve its clients.

AKB Transportation achieves all these by leveraging its broad carrier base. Being in the trucking industry for two decades, the company already has and strives to foster strong relationships with trucking companies nationwide, which has helped it stay relevant and competitive in terms of service integrity, reliability, quality, flexibility, and price. Building on its winning streak, AKB Transportation continues to find new avenues to expand its reach and better serve its clients. With the right resources, experience, and hands-on knowledge, the company is a perfect fit in the U.S. trucking industry with its ability to provide one-stop services to businesses.
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AKB Transportation

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Brad Austin, Founder and CEO

AKB Transportation is a nationwide transportation company that serves businesses ’varying shipping needs.

AKB Transportation