DTH Expeditors Inc.: Pioneering Time Critical Flatbed Services

Michael Winslett, President, Co-Founder, DTH Expeditors IncMichael Winslett, President, Co-Founder
Years of experience and unparalleled expertise define the credibility of a transportation company and instill confidence in clients, who know their products will arrive on time and in perfect condition.

DTH Expeditors, Inc. (DTH), with extensive experience in logistics, has established itself as a world-class logistics company providing services in the timecritical transportation industry. DTH has welcomed technological innovation to meet customer needs without relinquishing ‘old-fashioned’ customer service. As a pioneer in ground expedites and exclusive-use vehicle services, DTH has built a nationwide network of drivers to handle cross-country vehicle movement. The company is well known for its time-definite, safe, reliable, and cost-effective services via courier vehicles, cargo vans, sprinter vans, straight trucks, and tractor-trailers.

“DTH Expeditors covers emergency shipment requirements for a broad range of industries in time-sensitive scenarios,” says Michael Winslett, President, Co- Founder, and CEO of DTH Expeditors.

With 23 years of experience in the logistics sector, DTH Expeditors specializes in flatbed equipment as one of its many vehicular solutions. While narrating the company’s journey into flatbed services, Winslett says that, with time, flatbed service evolved to cater to the critical needs of the commercial, military, and private airline sectors.
For instance, flatbeds are indispensable for Aircraft on Ground (AOG) services, where planes have been grounded and cannot re-enter rotation until they are repaired and approved for flight. Military contractors and bases continue to consume a growing number of flatbed equipment to move heavy, oversized loads within the aviation division and overall general cargo movement. To meet these needs, the company provides a complete, over-the-road brokerage service, including dry van, reefers, flatbed, drop deck equipment. With a fleet of smaller gooseneck trailers, with airride suspension ranging in size for ten to forty feet, DTH guarantees speedy flatbed shipment delivery all across the US. Each vehicle is equipped with mobile phone app technology for trace and tracking, document imaging and electronic signature upon delivery.

DTH’s flatbeds response is fast and flexible, geared to the on-demand urgent needs of its clients. DTH has identified airline hub operations markets in Los Angeles, Denver, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Dallas, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Miami and New York, where the company stages equipment close in proximity to these targeted areas for faster reaction and dispatch time for the client.

DTH Expeditors covers emergency shipment requirements for a broad range of industries in time sensitive scenarios

DTH created operating systems for air and ground expedite to establish an efficient and transparent system for customers. Web-based order placement, tracking and tracing of existing shipments, and available shipment history are a few of DTH’s well-organized and cohesive processes to facilitate ground expedites. Satellite tracking technology for all dispatched vehicles is an added advantage for instant and accurate driver and vehicle location detection.

DTH Expeditors has established an excellent level of consistent service and customer satisfaction. Due to its holistic, long-term customer engagements, it has grown primarily through word-of-mouth. The company is characterized by its flexible and creative customized logistics solutions for clients in any situation. In one instance, DTH helped Delta Air Lines set up a lifesized Delta airplane tail for display at the Atlanta Braves’ new stadium—Truist Park. The company provided its flatbed service to move the tail from Delta’s headquarters, demonstrating DTH’s expertise in accomplishing critical flatbed and special projects in the aviation sector.

DTH has created the right mix of today’s technology with ‘old-fashioned’ customer service. It offers personalized, time-critical services, forging individual relationships with customers. As a multiservice, privately owned transportation company founded in 1999, DTH Expeditors has come a long way in the logistics industry and has successfully established itself as a logistics solution specialist.
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DTH Expeditors Inc

Forest Park, GA

Michael Winslett, President, Co-Founder

DTH Expeditors, Inc. provides freight forwarding and personalized logistics services in time-sensitive scenarios across various industries. DTH Expeditor delivers expedited transportation services for different delivery windows to businesses looking for on-demand round-the-clock services.

DTH Expeditors Inc

"DTH Expeditors covers emergency shipment requirements for a broad range of industries in time sensitive scenarios"

- Michael Winslett, President, Co-Founder