Executive Global Transportation Services: Changing the Paradigm of Freight Transportation

Dr. Wiley K Graydon, IV, Founder and President, Executive Global Transportation ServicesDr. Wiley K Graydon, IV, Founder and President
A well-designed supply chain largely impacts the overall performance of a business and its bottom line. Supply chain operations across the globe, however, have been buckling under the pressure of unprecedented demand and constricted logistical capacity. Inefficiencies and bottlenecks have become common in cross-border and domestic logistic operations today due to the complex geo-political scenario and rising fuel prices.

But how can organizations address these challenges and make their operations more seamless?

Executive Global Transportation Services has the answer. With its huge network of carriers, experienced team, knowledge of the shifting client requirements, and drive to serve clients better, the company is at the forefront of moving goods across the globe.

Since 2008, Executive Global Transportation Services has been operating as a transportation brokerage, arranging shipping for a variety of customers both domestically and internationally. Specializing in unique shipments and dedicated lanes, the company ensures seamless logistics movement, even in the most isolated or remote areas.

“We can deliver anything anywhere. No matter whether the location is in the middle of a desert or jungle or 100 miles away from the major airport, we have the capability to move goods from point A to point B without any hiccup at any stage that can trigger a cascade of delays,” says Dr. Wiley K Graydon, IV, founder and president, Executive Global Transportation Services.

A Comprehensive Range of Services

Executive Global Transportation Services is on a mission to meet and exceed customers’ needs. To this end, the company has architected a plethora of services, including Full Truck Load (FTL), Less-Than-Truckload (LTL), Specialized and Heavy Haul, Intermodal, and Warehousing and 3PL Services.

Executive Global Transportation Services arranges FTL transportation of clients’ goods by offering them confidence in its vetting of carriers and customer service. The company provides FTL service for dry van, reefer, and flatbed freight. More importantly, through cutting-edge tracking technology, the company ensures that clients have full visibility into the shipments at every stage.
The LTL service has, on the other hand, been designed for smaller shipments. The company can arrange transport for one box, one pallet, or one bundle. When customers utilize its LTL program, they have the ability to obtain pricing and transit times with all top-tier carriers in minimal time.

Executive Global Transportation Services has carriers nationwide, as well as in Canada and Mexico, to service clients’ LTL transportation needs.

Equipped with the necessary relationships with heavy haul carriers, Executive Global Transportation Services is also capable of moving clients’ heavy-haul shipments seamlessly across any location. It arranges the transport of single or multiple pieces as well as makes multiple pickups and deliveries seamlessly.

“A whopping 70-80 percent of our customers move their freight via truck (or more specifically FTL). But we are not limited to just one single mode of transport; we have direct contracts with the railroads for intermodal rail service, end-to-end and ocean freight management solutions,” says Graydon, IV. “We also have access to warehousing facilities around the world and offer a range of distribution, storage, and end-to-end supply chain management services.”

Aligning the Services with Customer Requirements

Having spent decades in the transportation space, Executive Global Transportation Services realizes that the transportation needs of every business are not the same. As a result, Executive Global Transportation Services has built the capability to offer bespoke services according to the unique needs of specific clients—instead of offering a one size-fits-all solution.
  • We Have Built a Competitive Environment, Where Everyone Strives to Give their Best. And Because Of This, the Customers Win at the End of the Day

Every client engagement at Executive Global Transportation Services begins with a conversation. The company’s team of experts meets clients to know their volume and the delivery locations. This initial meeting is essential to set up a mission plan and design the best fitting services to ensure the success of a project.

What enables Executive Global Transportation Services to address the individual needs of every client is its team of agents. They have a comprehensive understanding of this space and always put the best foot forward to help clients during any unprecedented situation. In addition, executive Global Transportation Services’ agents maintain open communication with clients to share prompt updates on the movement of the goods, informing them regarding the delivery time of goods, any delay, or disruption. This eliminates any possibility of confusion.
Graydon, IV has instilled a “never give up” mentality in the team; they never say no to trying and succumb to pressure. Being a successful pianist and winning the heart of audiences at different concerts, he realizes the importance of creating the perfect symphony. That’s why Graydon, IV has created a musical ensemble like organizational structure by proportionately dividing 146 agents across its offices.

The small and nimble teams are always on their toe to help clients achieve success; they are available 24/7 and even during the holidays. Their dedication to the work always keeps clients a notch above the rest.

“Unlike other brokers, we never push the agents to perform cold calling or any other sales activity. Their only job is to interact with customers and address their problems. We have also built a competitive commission-based environment, where everyone strives to give their best. And because of this, the customers win at the end of the day,” says Graydon, IV.

Intriguing Instances of Client Success

Based on its comprehensive services and the team of experts, Executive Global Transportation Services has been able to serve myriads of clients over the years. For instance, one of its clients was struggling to supply a huge amount of compost materials (almost 45,000 tons) to their customers. Working in liaison with the client’s team, Executive Global Transportation Services understood their specific requirements and designed the best service to ensure the seamless and effective delivery of compost materials.

We Specialize In Unique Shipments, Dedicated Lanes, and can Deliver Nationwide or Globally— Even in Isolated/Remote Areas

Such instances of client success are testaments to Executive Global Transportation Services’ strong relationship with the carrier networks. Due to this strong connection, the company can provide comprehensive end-to-end services amidst market volatility and fluctuating prices.

“We incentivize carriers for the work they do for us. Our carriers are our biggest strength and the key to serve clients better,” says Graydon, IV.

Moving ahead, Executive Global Transportation Services is en route to exploring new avenues of growth. Given its strategic location in Florida, the haven for retirees, the company will move to the organ transportation space. This will play a vital role in making organ transplants available to a larger older population. Executive Global Transportation Services is also making great strides to segue into the space transportation space to fuel the nation’s space endeavors with proper logistics support. Another aim of the company is to become a leader in the air freight space. It has already made significant monetary investments to support that plan.

With all these plans on the horizon, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that the Executive Global Transportation Services’ 15-year anniversary is going to be eventful next year.
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Executive Global Transportation Services

Casselberry, FL

Dr. Wiley K Graydon, IV, Founder and President

Since 2008, Executive Global Transportation Services has been operating as transportation brokerage, arranging shipping for a variety of customers both domestically and internationally. Its goal is to offer a convenient and reliable option to individuals, as well as industries.

Executive Global Transportation Services

"We Specialize In Unique Shipments, Dedicated Lanes, and can Deliver Nationwide or Globally— Even in Isolated/Remote Areas"

- Dr. Wiley K Graydon, IV, Founder and President