Fuel & Tire Saver Systems Company: Redefining Tire Optimization

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Michael Lo Presti, PE Founder, & CEO, Fuel & Tire Saver Systems CompanyMichael Lo Presti, PE Founder, & CEO
Maintaining proper tire pressure is one of the best ways to boost fuel efficiency, minimize accidents, extend tire life, and curb greenhouse emissions. However, most commercial fleet managers tend to overlook tire maintenance for more critical mechanical issues, which hinders them from recognizing the negative impact improper tire pressure can have on the day-to-day operation of their vehicles.

Flipping this script is Fuel & Tire Saver Systems Company (FTS), which specializes in innovative tire optimization services that maximize tire life and vehicle fuel efficiency. It helps reduce vehicle downtime by providing hi-tech Nitrogen (the company’s unique blend is called ÅASTRAEA) tire inflation services that easily monitor, analyze, inflate, and report each vehicle’s tire condition. Many businesses and individuals leverage FTS’s mobile- “come to you” tire inflation service to get professional tire maintenance on their lot or depot, saving significant time.

Typically, tires go through cyclical and constant changes daily, negatively affecting their tire treads and overall lifespan. Simultaneously, their rigorous motion accelerates the leakage of oxygen molecules through the rubber carcass and tread, especially when tires are older, under-inflated, or running hot. Oxygen permeability leads to increased underinflation that requires more frequent tire inflation by the driver, which is not often done. FTS prevents these problems with its patented mobile vans delivering ÅASTRAEA Nitrogen. The purified Nitrogen replaces the oxygen in compressed air, traditionally used to inflate tires. A larger and more stable molecule than oxygen, Nitrogen-inflated tires exhibit better temperature resistance and minimal leakage, resulting in potentially 50 percent longer tire life.
“Our mission is to make every tire brand last longer, become safer, and deliver fuel efficiency improvements for all vehicles and fleet owners and operators,” says Michael Lo Presti, PE founder and CEO of FTS.

FTS is one of the few service providers that deliver sophisticated tire optimization. When working with clients, it assigns a qualified technician to go on-site and inspect all tires and perform nitrogen inflations. Following this, inspection, tread depth, temperature, and pressure loss data is transferred to the FTS Tire Data Analytics (TDA) team to help improve overall vehicle performance, ensuring each vehicle gets optimal fuel economy and extended tire life.

FTS Tire Engineers review tire conditions like pressure variability, tread degradation, possible puncture, and wear defects and quickly report them to improve fleet reliability. These data-driven competencies enable fleet managers to accurately assess their vehicles’ overall performance, safety, and efficacy. FTS also checks to identify whether vehicles are using older tires properly and addresses the problems caused by rubber oxidation of aged spares by recommending rotation plans to preserve tire value and advise of unsafe tire conditions. For more prominent fleet managers struggling to maintain their assets, it ensures higher quality assurance and increases the uptime and sustainability of fleets. FTS extends these services to electric vehicle fleets, where heavy vehicle weight rapidly wears tires. They are steadily building a reputation as a reliable tire maintenance partner in this emerging space.
  • Our mission is to make every tire brand last longer, become safer, and deliver fuel efficiency improvements for all vehicles. We make Truckers more Profitable

A key differentiator of FTS’s services is its ability to offer tire pressure maintenance. In the current marketplace, tire optimization is often disregarded as tire vendors recommend buying new tires prematurely; its specialists emphasize maintaining optimal inflation to maximize tire longevity. At the same time, their proprietary ÅASTRAEA Nitrogen stays in tires longer, reducing fuel consumption.

Propelled by these innovations, FTS was recently recognized as a leading company with unique technology in the overall automotive maintenance arena. Moving forward, FTS aims to go nationwide in the next 24 months and pave its way to be a go-to tire pressure maintenance specialist for global fleet management companies.
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Fuel & Tire Saver Systems Company

Sterling, VA

Michael Lo Presti, PE Founder, & CEO

Fuel and Tire Saver (FTS) specializes in tire optimization and offers innovative solutions and services to maximize tire life and fuel efficiency. Its patented system and service for fleet vehicles with the use of purified nitrogen, called Astraea, can increase tire life by almost 50 percent. It reviews the variability of tire pressure and tire performance to assess the clients’ fleet performance and improve their safety and efficacy

Fuel & Tire Saver Systems Company