Fulger Transport: Strengthening Supply Chains with High-Performance Freight Forwarding

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Radu Bogdanel, President, Fulger TransportRadu Bogdanel, President
Freight forwarding plays a crucial role in the business landscape by enabling seamless global supply chain operations. The pandemic, however, disrupted this as freight forwarders had to tackle numerous hurdles in efficient pick-up, transportation, and delivery. According to McKinsey & Company, 85 percent of global supply chains faced a reduction in operations, and six percent shut down entirely. Primarily, issues like increasing vaccination mandates, sudden driver shortages, and the growing immobility of truck convoys across international borders hindered the transportation arena. These hurdles drove the sector to adopt innovative technology and software capable of regaining the original productivity levels of logistics networks.

At the forefront of this shift is Fulger Transport. It provides exceptional transportation solutions that comprehend the recreational elements of driver availability and the evolving mechanics of the trade market and logistics companies to deliver timely and efficient freight forwarding operations.

Fulger Transport specializes in transporting perishable cargo and general freight, creating a mutual rapport between truck drivers and owner-operators through efficient data consolidation, driving the creation of operational strategies that precisely mitigate prevalent brokerage challenges. It understands situational challenges by interacting with drivers, operators, and other relevant parties to guide clients in making well-planned decisions, developing timely logistics programs, and ensuring resolution to freight challenges.

When interacting with freight transport executives and clients, Fulger Transport recognized that apart from COVID-19, the increasing fuel prices made it harder for the industry to attract truck drivers. Fulger Transport provides an antidote to this challenge through its fully integrated solutions that leverage new-age technologies and competitive driver tariffs to ensure interest and commitment from existing drivers and attract talented truckers. The deep integration capabilities of its portfolio also allow firms to simplify complex logistics and minimize the to-and-fro between businesses and truckers to achieve rapid task completion.

“We follow a step-by-step process to mitigate a client’s supply requirements, right from ensuring on-time delivery of crates to transparent and data-driven negotiation of rates,” states Radu Bogdanel, president of Fulger Transport.

Fulger Transport’s end-to-end process includes dedicated, expedited, less-than-truckload, and intermodal services that address the prevailing logistics pain points by promoting transparency for all relevant entities. At the same time, Fulger Transport utilizes its know-how to deliver a simple yet reliable approach to maintaining robust logistics processes.
  • We follow a step-by-step process to mitigate a client’s supply requirements, right from ensuring on-time delivery of crates to transparent and data-driven negotiation of rates

Highlighting the impact of Fulger Transport’s services is its ability to maintain high-quality service delivery across its varied clientele. At the heart of this proven track record is its competent team, which guarantees a 95 to 99 percent timely pick-up and drop rate by regularly assessing delivery tasks to identify and resolve sources of inefficiencies. On a day-to-day basis, Fulger Transport’s team relies on modern technology and software to provide optimum visibility to its customers and prevent possible truck issues. It also places significant emphasis on safety with a dedicated team that regulates on-road processes related to customers and drivers. Fulger Transport’s safety experts also supervise in-house employee activities to help them manage and conduct their overall logistics processes responsibly.

Since its inception in 2007, Fulger Transport has established its position as a leading company that provides safe and dependable transportation across the global freight transport arena. Moving forward, Fulger Transport aims to continue equipping its clients with trustworthy solutions that can help them adapt to the emerging changes in the global logistics space and meet the changing market demands.
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Fulger Transport

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Radu Bogdanel, President

Fulger Transport is a Canadian-based and Ontario-registered and accredited trucking company specializing in perishable cargo and general freight. It is a leading go-to logistics transportation network, recognized for providing top-quality supply chain services and solutions.

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