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Bruce Lee, Chief Operating Officer and Trenton Chen, CEO & Co-Founder, Hard Core TechnologyBruce Lee, Chief Operating Officer and Trenton Chen, CEO & Co-Founder
The freight management landscape has changed over time from relying on manual processes that utilized phones, emails, fax machines, paper, and spreadsheets for coordination to using end-to-end solutions that offer a multitude of features. However, a majority of freight management systems in the market are fraught with increasing complexities and do not address the current need for a flexible and intuitive solution that can simplify freight operations.

The lack of an appropriate, simple, and easy to use technology in the freight management realm gave the global technology company, Hard Core Technology, the perfect opportunity to step in. Their SaaS solution helps international freight forwarders and NVOCCs to address the challenges in operations, accounting, and sales—the three major functions of freight forwarding. GoFreight’s design upholds simplicity, accuracy, flexibility, and connectivity to the customers, the fundamental elements of the freight forwarding business.

In short, GoFreight replaces outdated technologies, automates the different processes involved in freight services, and significantly improves the user experience. “It is an all-in-one platform for freight forwarders with a complete, integrated set of functions that reduces the burden on human resources,” explains Trenton Chen, CEO and co-founder of Hard Core Technology.
GoFreight incorporates attributes such as user-centric designs for improved workflow, code quality, and architecture design for fewer bugs and faster updates. The solution integrates seamlessly with CRM, marketing, business intelligence, HR, and artificial intelligence based solutions.

Hard Core Technology’s unique multi-functional platform includes a to-do list, centralized document center, in-app security filing, WYSIWYG form editing, executive dashboard, and a profit-volume chart for business analytics. The to-do list facilitates a smarter workflow and reminds users of the important tasks that need to be done. The document center stores and retrieves all shipment related data in a hassle-free manner when required. The dashboard and the profit-volume chart along with data analysis and visualization provide clients with business insights for real-time decisions.

Another striking feature is the seamless connectivity that GoFreight establishes between the freight forwarders and their business partners. For effective communication, the software initiates the prompt exchange of documents between the customer and the numerous stakeholders involved in international shipping such as customs brokers, and overseas agents who are also freight holders, shipping container traders, and trucking companies.

With a growing customer base that features eminent names in the industry, GoFreight’s innovative capabilities and result-driven focus come to the fore in the case of an L.A. based freight forwarder offering in-vehicle and ocean freight consolidation. Their working process comprised of numerous manual steps that were complicated. In the wake of the increasing volume of data, the previous system in use for over 15 years failed to be of any assistance. GoFreight designed two end-to-end solutions for both in-vehicle and ocean freight consolidation, which handled the various associated processes such as vessel scheduling, booking, load planning, and the bill of lading. On launching GoFreight, the client saved tens of thousands in labor cost and their customer reviews improved for the vehicle export business.

But what Chen believes truly distinguishes Hard Core Technology is their focus on maintaining constant connectivity with their customers in the freight forwarding business to minimize the gaps. “Unlike most solution providers, we go the extra mile and work with our customers to gather the latest logistics information to improve our technology consistently,” states Chen.

Going forward, Hard Core Technology plans to develop GoFreight from being just a series of products into a digital platform for all their logistics partners. The prime focus will be on creating practical solutions for the logistics industry using technologies such as AI, IoT, and blockchain. Further integration with systems such as brokerage, warehouse, truck, and supply chain management are also on the cards.
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Hard Core Technology

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Bruce Lee, Chief Operating Officer and Trenton Chen, CEO & Co-Founder

Hard Core Technology is a NVOCC and freight forwarder-focused SaaS freight management software startup. It is a global technology company currently focused on developing cloud-based software solutions for the international and domestic freight forwarding industries. Hard Core Technology’s ultimate goal is to transform freight management system industry with technology. GoFreight is Hard Core Technology’s modern, web-based SaaS (Software as a Service) designed for International Freight Forwarders and NVOCCs. Constantly developing new features, this easy-to-use management system provides solutions to ocean/air/inland operations, warehousing, security filing, invoicing, freight tracking, PO management, sales, and complete accounting tasks