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Zachary Zhou, Director of Interfreight Logistics, Interfreight LogisticsZachary Zhou, Director of Interfreight Logistics
Logistics has always played an integral part in a business's overall success. Since the pandemic, however, multiple challenges have affected logistics processes, the most prevalent of which are the hikes in transportation costs. This issue is easily bypassed by large-scale companies equipped with comprehensive Opex funding, but for smaller firms with limited resources, finding the right logistics partner becomes paramount to maintaining the operational continuum. Finding a competent solution provider capable of offering a comprehensive, adaptable solution for a firm's specific requirements is becoming a top priority.

Interfreight Logistics, a company based out of Shenzhen, China, meets all logistics needs with its arsenal of multi motor freight forwarding services via air, land, and sea. Since every company's logistics needs vary across countries and International Commercial Terms, Interfreight Logistics' customer service team categorizes customer profiles based on their specific industries. It then follows up to gain a deeper understanding of their needs before implementing a customized solution. Interfreight Logistics' service coverage spans wide, with offices in China, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and the U.S.

Every office Interfreight Logistics has set up over its two-decade journey is backed by long-standing relationships with major shipping lines, leading airline agents, and local service vendors (truckers, custom brokers, and less than container load (LCL) fleet managers). It has a curated domestic vendor profile across its vast geographical footprint, which enables cost-effective and timely delivery of goods across international borders.
"We believe that every customer is unique and don't differentiate them based on size, always striving to deliver services and solutions that best suit their unique logistics needs," says Zachary Zhou, director of Interfreight Logistics.

Interfreight Logistics' flagship offering is its consolidated logistics service, which has played a critical role in helping the company support the needs of numerous clients in a highly cost-effective way. It achieves this by consistently negotiating the most competitive lifting rates, which enables clients to gain clarity on the expenditure of their logistics processes before finalizing a deal. Interfreight Logistics also examines the yearly profile and rate of lifting generated from each of its offices to secure a better freight cost. Another highlight is the company's local know-how and expertise in every Southeast Asian country, where it has actively built a working relationship with local markets. This vendor network allows Interfreight Logistics to provide a practical and cost effective delivery solution for a client with a customer base spanning the subcontinent.
  • We believe that every customer is unique and don't differentiate them based on size, always striving to deliver services and solutions that best suit their unique logistics needs

Utilizing these competencies, Interfreight Logistics established a long standing partnership with a large residential air-conditioning manufacturer in China. Initially, it offered ad hoc services to export the client's products from China to the Middle East. After the initial engagement, the air-conditioning manufacturer approached Interfreight Logistics to be their exclusive logistics partner. Seizing this opportunity, the company worked with them to find a robust and risk-free avenue to build service reliability for their overseas operations and improve international market share. Interfreight Logistics utilized its comprehensive vendor network and provided stable freight rates. It also enabled better space protection by ensuring consistent lifting rates to maintain market share in a particular region.

Moving forward, Interfreight Logistics plans on increasing its presence in Malaysia and Vietnam, with Indonesia and Thailand in the pipeline for the future. Through this roadmap, Interfreight Logistics aims to become the go-to partner for SMBs looking to capitalize on the imminent opportunities in the evolving logistics arena.
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Interfreight Logistics

Shenzhen, China

Zachary Zhou, Director of Interfreight Logistics

Interfreight Logistics is a freight forwarding company based out of Shenzhen, China providing an arsenal of service and solution package of multi motor freight forwarding services via air, land and sea to fulfill logistic needs.

Interfreight Logistics