Lake Trucking Company: Benchmarking Seamless Delivery for Perishables

Ted Brozanski, CEO, Lake Trucking CompanyTed Brozanski, CEO
The demand for imported seafood in the U.S. has grown from 86 to 96 percent in the past ten years and is now rebounding after the pandemic nearly crippled the world’s seafood supply chain. Wholesalers and retailers are struggling to get the product to the market, considering seafood’s high perishability and short shelf life.

Lake Trucking Company (LTC) plays an important role in fulfilling public demand by facilitating enhanced routing options. Close partnerships with shippers and airlines enable LTC to streamline preplanning and logistics, ensuring its clients can resolve delays and deliver the products on time.

An LTL carrier, LTC has evolved into a modified 3PL company. The product picked from processing locations is brought into LTC’s facilities, consolidated, and delivered to wholesalers and retailers through dedicated routes. It maintains constant communication with shippers and customers. Delivering perishables to customers in the shortest possible time while maintaining high quality is the driving motto for LTC, as it transports highly perishable products, including seafood, fresh meat, and other highly perishable products.

“We ensure your refrigerated shipment is timely, efficiently, and consistently delivered. Our fully refrigerated facilities ensure all perishable products are safe and of high quality at the point of consumption by being flexible and agile to meet client needs and seasonal demands,” states Ted Brozanski, CEO of Lake Trucking Company.

When the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) was enforced in 2011, LTC focused on differentiating itself in the market by raising the bar for the delivery of perishables. Instead of looking at FSMA skeptically, LTC embraced it and aligned with experts in the seafood and perishable cold chain industry to deploy strict HACCP standards and guidelines for its warehouse and logistics team to implement and follow.
In 2018 they were the first carrier in the U.S. to be certified SQF and continue to hold this prestigious certification today.

LTC’s strategically located refrigerated warehouses are equipped with optimal temperature parameters for various perishable goods. Depending on the product’s needs, the controlled atmosphere conditions enable their commercial and long-term refrigerated storage.

A standout feature of LTC is its customer-centric approach. It is always ready to cater to the multi-faceted needs of customers. LTC’s plan of action enables hassle-free delivery of items for customers even during disruptive events so they can process and sell to their customers, maintaining seamless business continuity. The managers and team members of the logistics and warehouse team are equipped to provide up-to-minute updates to customers directly or via telematics for greater control, flexibility, and visibility of their cargo.

Its strict cross-contamination policy ensures safety for both workforce and clients. The SQF-certified company makes its cleaners and sanitizers in partnership with Patho- Sans, an industrial disinfections provider. LTC is on point with regular disinfection of the trailers for high-quality delivery of products. During the pandemic, it provided team members with cleaners and sanitizers for their homes to keep them and their families safe.

“Our employees are like our families. We build on each other’s strengths. Most importantly, we respect who they are and what they do for us daily. If they have any issues, we try to help overcome them through counseling, accommodations, and one-on-one training,” says Margie Brozanski, co-owner of Lake Trucking Company.
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Due to this quality employee engagement, LTC has a low turnover rate of drivers, and clients can rest easy knowing their goods are in safe and trustworthy hands during transit.

LTC’s focus on customer satisfaction came to the fore when it catered to a client’s urgent consignment needs in delivering a salmon shipment. Bad weather had delayed their shipment, which meant the customer would not get the product in time. LTC rerouted trucks leaving the next day without delaying the original route schedule by making changes to pick up the product earlier. This way, it reduced the load and reload time and dispatched the shipment. LTC saved the customer’s business during the holiday season.

The sister organization of Stokes Fish Company, with these customer-centric services, is more than capable of handling all the challenges in the cold chain industry. LTC is now keen to widen its footprint by focusing on new ways to cater to its customers with its service portfolio.
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