Locomote Systems: Providing Dauntless, Performance-Driven Transportation Services

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Marc Rago, Chief Financial Officer, Locomote SystemsMarc Rago, Chief Financial Officer
For companies supplying goods from a global supplier directly to customers, the ability to deliver quickly and cost-effectively is crucial. Choosing a superior logistics provider can be the difference between success and failure.

Few transport partners are as effective as Locomotive Systems Inc. (LSI), which is ready to fulfill every faceted client need and tackle ever-changing conundrums through its robust, efficient, safe, and cost-effective transportation services.

LSI has garnered significant attention among its peers through its continuous dedication, making it a go-to service provider for the steel industry and other sectors.

“The philosophy behind our business is to put ourselves in the customer’s shoes and understand their needs. Our organization would not be what it is without our customers. We ensure they have access to high-quality service that helps them achieve what they value most,” states Marc Rago, CFO of Locomote Systems.

LSI’s emphasis on customer centricity shines through its collaborations. It starts by drawing an effective plan per their transportation requirements by assessing their nuanced needs, including the load size, special requirements, transit time, and cost, to identify the best approach for seamless delivery. It gives clients a holistic perspective on their current and future transportation needs and delivers relevant solutions. LSI meets clients in their specific lanes, guaranteeing they get the required capacity while ensuring their supply chain is solid and free of redundancies.
The most significant impact LSI brings is its deep understanding of transforming the customer experience through employee engagement. LSI continuously trains its employees to have a progressive leadership mindset from an early orientation stage. It ensures employees, including drivers, can employ their skills to better serve customers. LSI has armed its employees with the latest technologies to give clients updates regarding the exact location of in-transit freights until they reach their destination.

LSI also adopts diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) to diversify its workforce. It works with the Canadian government to provide opportunities for those who deserve a second chance in life. This enables them to rehabilitate and reintegrate into society, giving them a sense of purpose and structure and the opportunity to earn a living and support themselves and their families.

LSI is pushing the bounds of its services through its unique internal culture revolving around fundamental human values that its drivers and office staff live by and demonstrate daily. It takes care of its people and ensures their financial welfare by offering above-market competitive wages, which is a testament to why LSI has expanded into one of the most extensive transportation service providers in Northern America from its humble beginnings with just one truck in 1989.
  • Our organization would not be what it is without our customers. We ensure they have access to high-quality service that helps them achieve what they value most

Integrity and accountability are bound in LSI’s actions. These facets are a testament to how impactful LSI can be concerning utmost driver safety and timely deliveries.

It has adopted an environmental and social governance (ESG) policy to strategize sustainability in its transportation services. LSI works closely with OEMs to adopt the latest truck technologies and proactively seeks alternative fuel solutions to reduce its carbon footprint. LSI will continue testing carbon-neutral supply chains and helping clients achieve sustainable business operations that lead to long-term success.

Building on its eco-friendly and human-centric services, LSI is focused on expanding geographically to explore opportunities beyond its current footprint.
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Locomote Systems

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Marc Rago, Chief Financial Officer

Locomote Systems hauls steel and steel products for the North American market. Locomote provides a safe and family-oriented atmosphere for all drivers ensuring equality and respect. The company works with all industries, governments, and underrepresented groups to strengthen the trucking sector through diversity and inclusion.

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