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Mike Graves, President and Founder, LowgisticsMike Graves, President and Founder
With the changing market dynamics of today, businesses not only need to focus on developing products that meet changing customer needs, but also ensure apt delivery of products. The “Amazon effect” of rising customer delivery options and expectations, along with rising costs are challenging organizations and shippers of all types and sizes. This growing complexity puts strains on organizations to compete. Consequently, saving time and money on transportation and operations has become a key objective and service differentiator for organizations. Mike Graves, founder and president of Lowgistics, established the company in 2016 to provide comprehensive transportation management that allows organizations to focus on their core competencies while meeting customer demands in a highly-competitive market. Lowgistics provides cost-effective transportation management solutions that cater to the rising consumer demand for the newest products with more frequent and smaller shipments delivered faster. The company has more than 200 years of experience negotiating contracts, with a staff largely comprising former senior sales and pricing managers from UPS, FedEx, and freight industry veterans.

Lowgistics assists teams with carrier contract negotiations, auditing, and business intelligence to offer cost reduction services and shipping technology, providing the industry experience to complement internal knowledge while allowing organizations to concentrate on core competencies.
The company provides multiple support options and tools that complement current parcel and freight management processes, without necessitating any replacement or substitution by organizations. The customer’s historical shipping data once acquired is analyzed for free, to provide a baseline of the customer’s current state from which progress can be targeted and performance measured. For customers who require it, Lowgistics deploys a comprehensive and robust shipping system that incorporates domestic and international parcel as well as freight.

“Workload is being pushed further and further up the supply chain,” states Graves. For instance, with the process of drop shipping, the suppliers instead of the merchants are responsible for shipping parcels to the consumers. There is an increasing emphasis on business to consumer shipping. Lowgistics’ contract negotiation service assists customer procurement teams in acquiring the best rates possible. On an ongoing basis, Lowgistics provides its customers detailed reporting with parcel and freight audit and explores the impact of alternative transportation options as well. The company helps customers identify recoverable costs and gaps in charges, as well as methods to avoid them for future shipments.

Valuing visibility, intelligence, and the ability to introduce additional carriers or services for customers’ benefit, Lowgistics provides more of a total management solution working towards supply chain optimization. Ad hoc reporting tools enable clients to customize their reports and view specific transactions and accessorial fees such as address corrections. The company is also developing a platform offering ‘What if?’ analysis that shall answer questions such as—‘What if I shipped the product differently? What would be the impact of the 2018 rate change on my historical data?’ This analysis is intended to enable the customer to prepare for future circumstances, for instance, being able to better budget and forecast future expenses.

Looking toward the future, Lowgistics aims to work toward more standard integration with e-commerce providers for faster and easier adoption of the transportation software. Further expansion of their analytics platform is planned, including the development of the ’What if?’ analysis. This is planned toward optimizing transportation in term of cost of shipping and dimensions of packaging. “We are working with customers on a continuous basis to improve customer experience and reduce costs,” concludes Graves.
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Mike Graves, President and Founder

Provides supply chain consulting and logistics solutions to help organizations of all sizes realize simple shipping savings

"We are working with customers on a continuous basis to improve customer experience and reduce costs"

- Mike Graves, President and Founder