MasonHub: Providing a Next-Gen Fulfillment Platform with Complete Visibility

Donny Salazar, Founder and CEO, MasonHubDonny Salazar, Founder and CEO
Donny Salazar is a seasoned entrepreneur and operations expert in the ecommerce logistics world. He held leadership positions in some of the most innovative retail brands—as COO of omnichannel sneaker marketplace Flight Club, SVP of Operations at jewellery brand Chloe+Isabel, and VP at Gilt Groupe. During this tenure, he always noticed a massive gap in the e-commerce market for fast scaling retail businesses. He learned from his experiences that the only way a brand scaling can grow is by opting into different logistic operations like dropship distribution and store distribution. Now, this called for an essential requisite– order fulfillment. Without reliable order fulfillment for the customer, brand scaling would always be cumbersome. That’s where the crisis emerged. Donny always struggled to find the right partner to support a rapidly growing brand cost-effectively and paid equal attention to customer experience. Hence, out of these predicaments, MasonHub was born. “With MasonHub, we’re building the next-generation fulfillment platform that enables fast growing brands to scale into any channel,” says Donny, Founder and CEO at MasonHub. Infusing superior service and technology, MasonHub ultimately delivers the best-in-class omnichannel order fulfillment.

Uniquely engineered to optimize order management and fulfillment, the technology-backed services by MasonHub can be bifurcated into three parts—Visibility, Insights, and Scalability. Integrated into the MasonHub Fulfillment Logistics Cloud, the Order Management System (OMS), created by MasonHub, empowers customers to have complete visibility into the entire life cycle of the order that they were always looking for. The OMS directs how much fasterthings should be, or what are the SLAs Masonhub is catering to, with an extremely dynamic user interface. Their synchronized OMS makes it easy for companies to have a single view of its complex omnichannel fulfillment ecosystem. It protects against order errors, customer dissatisfaction, and lost revenue due to delayed or manual updates. “Integrating with all the carriers, we let our clients know everything from the point at which a customer places an order to the point at which it is delivered to the customer’s door. Even if they return it, we have the visibility into the items coming back into our fulfillment center till it gets back to stock and becomes resalable,” asserts Donny.
This visibility improves inventory accuracy and saves companies from over-selling their inventory, and once again, ensures customer satisfaction.

From the perspective of delivering insights, Masonhub provides powerful insights to their clients with the data gathered using their pre-sale technology. Firstly, it sends a notification to the client ahead of a stock-out for fast-selling products, so they are never left unprepared. Also, the Backorder Management System built within the OMS allows a customer to keep selling as it collects all the backorders. Once the inventory arrives, MasonHub’s inventory system drops them all after notifying the client about the units of pending orders against the availability of units for sale. In the fallout of the ongoing pandemic, numerous manufacturers and brands were shut down. It is MasonHub’s OMS that collected all the back orders for its customers during this time and enabled them to keep selling their orders and assort their inventory accordingly. Along with managing backorders, Dynamic Kitting & Bundling is also one of the standalone aspects of Masonhub in terms of providing quality insights to the client. For e-commerce companies, the name of the game is increasing average order values, and the only way to do that is to make people buy more of their products. Thus, the Dynamic Kitting and Bundling system by MasonHub can create a kit out of a group of related items, such as mascara and lipstick, and automatically bundle them online without the client having to pre-kit them and put the inventory together. As a result, the clients can test a bunch of different kits without spending loads of money on pre-kitting.

The most exciting feature of MasonHub in generating insights for the customer is its data-driven fulfillment marketing program—Fulfillment Automation Marketing Engine (FAME). With FAME, clients can take all the data from their CRM and translate it into an unforgettable unboxing experience that strengthens a brand and drives engagement. It helps the client determine marketing campaign objectives while connecting with their client services representative to create a FAME campaign. One can spread awareness and test out a discount promotion code with a packaging insert. Adjacently, clients can also print customized packing slip messages, inserting personalized items for the first time, or VIP customers. Moreover, they can introduce their customers to other product lines by including free samples while surprisingly delighting them with a small gift.

Finally, when it comes to scalability, brands that are scaling fast might get orders from retail giants like Walmart and Nordstrom, who want to buy some of their products and distribute them across their retail stores or dropship voluminous amounts of orders.
In such instances, many of these brands face a barrage of hurdles in handling such an expansive volume of orders as it requires a particular workflow across tons of technical and human resources. Amid this scenario, Masonhub seamlessly integrates with those brands either directly through its correctly documented APIs or their proprietary Shopify app. After that, with a click of a button, the client can add the MasonHub app into the Shopify store, and gain access to the master files of items and the inventory. As a result, the client gets plugged into their OMS and has all the necessary information and the specific packing instructions and shipping profiles required. Thus, whenever it comes down to scalability and dealing with enormous quantities of orders from industry giants like Nordstrom or Walmart, MasonHub’s built-in technology in its cloud-based platform serves all the purposes across different channels.

Backed by its phenomenal fulfillment rate and near-perfect inventory accuracy, MasonHub is already being touted as the most sought-after modernizer of how omnichannel brands manage their supply chain. Donny recalls an instance during the ongoing pandemic. A beauty and cosmetics client was scaling at a rate of 8 times its original size when they decided to launch a hand sanitizer product. Unable to cope with the huge volume of orders with their in-house fulfillment system, they approached MasonHub. Since they were Shopify customers with a subscription business, MasonHub quickly integrated with them and opened their Shopify store to interpret all their subscription orders. “Subsequently, MasonHub took charge of the fulfillment process within and dealt with 10,000 units of hand-sanitizer shipment within 6 days of meeting them, fulfilling all their orders without a hitch. As of now, that company is growing at a rate of 20 percent month over month,” triumphantly states Donny. Hence, with its excellent data-driven logistic operations, MasonHub has unquestionably become the ultimate modern fulfillment platform across various industries such as Beauty, Fashion, and Wellness.

Focusing on enhancing their products, MasonHub is continually building new tools and services that can continue to scale their brand further along with adding more features into the product roadmap. Additionally, they are adding fulfillment centers on the east coast while planning on developing distributed order management technologies. “When you think about three to five years from now, our goal is to enable any retailer who needs to scale and want Amazon-like fulfillment, to plug in to any of our fulfillment parameters and rest assured for their multi-mode order fulfillment,” buoyantly concludes Donny.
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Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Donny Salazar, Founder and CEO

Founded in Los Angeles in 2018, MasonHub, Inc. is an omnichannel fulfillment technology and services company that is revolutionizing the third-party logistics industry

"With MasonHub, we’re building the next-generation fulfillment platform that enables fast growing brands to scale into any channel"

- Donny Salazar, Founder and CEO