BoxLock Introduces Next-Gen Smart Padlock and Supply Chain Access Control Platform

The cellular version of BoxLock 2M smart padlock devices can be deployed anywhere to secure and gain visibility of unattended and contactless transactions at scale.

FREMONT, CA: BoxLock, the industry leader in secure, unattended delivery technology for homes and businesses, announced two new products that will enable business enterprise customers to secure the first, middle and last mile of supply chains in an automated, integrated, and contactless way.

First, the company is rolling out a new BoxLock 2M smart device in a Wi-Fi and AT&T cellular version that uses LTE-M and NB-IoT worldwide networks. Designed specifically for enterprise applications, BoxLock 2M will support over 2,500 deliveries on a single charge, be rechargeable via a USB-C port, and work anywhere the networks are available. The device will also include security enhancements with BoxLock's new "Press to Open" technology and location tracking via GNSS or GPS.

Second, the new industrial-grade IoT devices connect wirelessly to a redesigned BoxLock Control, the company's premier SaaS platform. BoxLock Control features a suite of access control, audit logging, and inventory management tools to monitor and manage BoxLock devices securely.

The Control platform seamlessly integrates across a range of administrative, materials management, and supply chain software solutions to enable permission business users to monitor lock status, perform advanced barcode and parcel management functions, and execute real-time triggers on lock activities from within their native systems.

"In an increasingly contactless world, our new access control and inventory management solutions are helping supply chain leaders quickly and easily implement practical solutions that deliver transformative efficiencies in the first, middle and final mile," said Brad Ruffkess, CEO and Founder of BoxLock. "Our solutions are created from the ground up to fit seamlessly into modern supply chains and increase reliability, accountability, and efficiency wherever and whenever assets are transferred."

Supply chain access controls dictate how businesses run and are either their biggest weakness or their most powerful ally. With BoxLock technology, any business size can implement access controls while unlocking flexibility, accountability, and productivity.

The cellular version of BoxLock 2M smart padlock devices can be deployed anywhere to secure and gain visibility of unattended and contactless transactions at scale.

BoxLock partners with in-house supply chain and logistics leaders in healthcare, aviation, operations, and B2B e-Commerce sectors to provide customers with a unique suite of solutions that combine market-leading IoT capabilities with practical tools for inventory management and access controls.

Leading companies that use BoxLock technology are increasing productivity and maintaining a chain of custody while providing their customers with higher levels of service, security, and scheduling flexibility for unattended pickups and deliveries.

In addition to offering the new supply chain access control platform to corporations with B2B supply chains, BoxLock technology continues to secure small parcel e-Commerce deliveries to homes and small businesses across the U.S. Its contactless delivery technology solution has protected tens of thousands of deliveries from UPS, USPS, FedEx, and Amazon.

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