Cloud Logistics Same-Day TMS Empowers Companies with Rapid On-Boarding and Time-to-Value

Cloud Logistics Same-Day TMS Empowers Companies with Rapid On-Boarding and Time-to-Value

WEST PALM BEACH, FL: In a world where access to real-time information is vital for any industry’s decision-making prowess, the importance gained by Transport Management System (TMS) in today's shipping business is not an overemphasized one. Focusing on this trend, Cloud Logistics, a provider of transportation logistics solutions launches the industry’s first Same Day TMS (Transportation Management System) offering at the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) annual conference in California.

This new logistics solution enables customers to start transportation implementation and begin shipping with TMS; all on the Same Day. The system being powered by Container Centralen (CC) proves to demonstrate the value of Same Day TMS with its rapid deployment.

“Our customers expect top notch service. We need to balance this service with reasonable freight spend. After researching many solutions available in the marketplace, we determined that Cloud Logistics best allows us to satisfy all of our customers while efficiently managing our transportation network. On top of that, no one else came close to being able to deploy in a single day" says John Paulsen, VP of Operation, CC.

The “Same Day” program is designed to allow shippers to start shipping- and saving-the day of starting of project. All by leveraging rapid configuration methodologies, a broad network of carriers and a user interface defined as “highly differentiate”.

The solution also includes freight rating, carrier selection, load tendering and visibility as well as match pay. Cloud Logistics enables shipment tracking and tracing through carrier updates via the carrier portal or shipper updates based on check calls; with a capability of connecting nearly 1,000 carriers.

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Invoices can also be entered via the Carrier Portal, which the TMS automatically approves within a set accuracy threshold. An intuitive workflow further helps in resolving issues and supports financial reconciliation. Some additional attributes includes features such as mobile, a vendor portal and 3PL billing to the shipper and short deployment facility after go-live.

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