Emerging Contactless Enterprises, and the Challenges

The pandemic accelerated the development of contactless enterprise which posed several challenges.

Fremont, CA: Given the Covid-19 pandemic, every business is undergoing digital transformation. There are attempts to create contactless enterprises that would provide companies to advance. This would lead to the creations of strong startups, that will advance further in the future in a way different from today's ‘move fast and break thing’ ideology.

The pandemic has disrupted a lot of businesses, which ultimately affected the consumers. Hence there is a need to break the barrier between the physical and digital aspects. Traditional street-side businesses, in particular, have to step out of their comfort zones and embrace this digital revolution, utilizing these channels and technologies to improve their customer services.

Consumer requirements and outlook are important for the development of contactless enterprises. Entrepreneurs need to understand that they need to orient their products and services in a way that satisfies customer requirements and works best for them in today's digital world. And there is a need to accomplish all this as quickly as possible.

There has been a tremendous increase in cloud and mobile engagement due to work from anywhere culture. Hence, there is a need to approach digital security differently. Businesses are now expected to deliver more in much less time, which has increased the need to establish trustworthy identity checkers to enable efficient delivery of services in the new work environments. Digital interactions must be secure to avoid security breaches.

Telemedicine is a stunning example of contactless engagements. Telemedicine is expected to see a growth of 7 times by the end of 2025. The pandemic is far from over and is restructuring the healthcare industries. The pandemic forced all major economies to announce complete lockdowns. And the situation was not feasible for physically visiting a doctor. It was not surprising when online consultations with doctors and other healthcare professionals skyrocketed during this time. Even after the lockdowns were lifted, many patients continued with online consultations, as it saved them from the hassle of traveling. The healthcare industry is seeing this as an opportunity to expand its services into the digital space. Applications giving reminders of appointments via notifications and text messages, and letting patients have a face-to-face video conference with the doctors are developing at a faster rate than ever before. This has finally caused a massive technological breakthrough in the healthcare industry.

Though this is not the first time businesses are undergoing a digital transformation, it definitely is way more urgent than before. Businesses are expected to provide a positive online experience to their consumers while delivering quality services. Every major business now has to undergo this transformation in a way that improves its operations and opens doors to new possibilities in this digital world.

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