IoT applications for businesses and benefits for the fleet industry

IoT applications for businesses and benefits for the fleet industry

FREMONT, CA: Automotive fleets are essential to many businesses including fleet management. Before the emergence of connected device technology fleet business was relying on crude communication systems and outdated data storage techniques. As vehicles become more digitized they often require frequent software and firmware updates. These processes are sometimes less convenient and expensive. This can be handled with secure, reliable and efficient  IoT solutions. IoT offers a myriad of promises to improve fleet business. Some of the benefits and developments are discussed in detail below:

1. Preventive maintenance:

Maintenance cost of the fleet is huge. It demands regular service appointments. IoT device provides detailed information into vehicle wear and remote access to engine error codes. The maintenance cycle in fleet management has completely changed with the advent of IoT innovation. Deploying automated alerts and notifications based on data captured from various sensors and IoT devices can highlight previously hidden equipment issues that can lead to serious problems. Early detection of these issues help to improve the quality, availability, and reliability of the fleets.

 2. Customer experience:

The connectivity provided by IoT allows companies to inform customers of their orders, that is when their order will arrive, how their goods are being transported etc. This provision offers fleet business to provide a refined customer experience and satisfaction.


IoT aided operations can bring large productivity in fleet business. IoT sensors can measure, record and transmit vehicle and driver data. By identifying driver related issues, they can ensure quality service thereby increasing productivity. There is cloud-based tracking software to analyze driver behaviors. This real-time access to fleet data can improve productivity.

4. Fuel efficiency:

Fuel efficiency can be tracked by embedded and retrofitted sensors depending on the make and model of the truck.

World is witnessing a major transformation in the fleeting industry taking place. Firms that are not adapting to these IoT solutions would not be able to remain afloat.

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