Montway Auto Transport Launches New Digital Platform To Enhance The Visibility Of Automotive Supply Chain

The Montway Automation Portal reduces time and costs while optimizing the vehicle transportation process.

FREMONT, CA: Transport and logistics have lagged behind other industries in digitalization. The supply chain moves vehicles manually, uses multiple platforms, and offers dealers limited visibility into in-transit vehicles until they are checked into lots or auctions. Montway Auto Transport unveils Montway Automation Portal (M.A.P.). Montway Auto Transport is one of the nation's leading third-party logistics brokers, improving efficiency for shippers and carriers by enabling visibility of inbound and outbound vehicles and reducing transportation costs and expenses.

"The challenges keep mounting for dealerships, auctions, rental car companies and other businesses that rely on vehicle movements and our business customers want innovations to help them gain a competitive advantage. The Montway Automation Portal provides the transparency they need to better manage inventories and increase speed to consumers." says Mike Trudeau, Executive Vice President of Business Development at Montway Auto Transport.

M.A.P. is built on proprietary technology that leads the industry and uses market-based pricing and an efficient transportation management system. A user-friendly interface allows users to enter one or more VINs to receive pricing, place orders, and track units in real-time. Additionally, M.A.P. provides centralized storage for digital records, on-demand pricing, public tracking links users can share with clients, and public tracking connections (proof of delivery documents, BOLs, gate passes, and photos).

"Digitization is a proven way to transform businesses and auto transport is no exception. M.A.P. was designed to modernize and optimize auto transport from creating orders to providing tracking of units through to delivery. Shippers now have real-time access to their transportation data, allowing them to manage inventory as well as understand and control transportation expenses." says Kaye Ceille, President, Business Solutions Group at Montway Auto Transport.

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