Of The Logistics Space and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Inclusive engineering will begin to enter the mainstream to support diversity. To ensure that diversity is incorporated into its AI program, companies must also invest time and resources in implementing inclusive engineering. This includes, but is not limited to, everything needed to perform the collection and use of various data sets. This will help the company create an experience that welcomes more people into the field-everything from education to hiring practices.

Fremont, CA: This epidemic has greatly accelerated the need for companies to complete their Industry 4.0 transformation through solutions that enable them to have greater flexibility, visibility and efficiency in their operations. We will see more and more solutions available that can meet various needs, including artificial intelligence (including machine learning, machine vision, and advanced analytics). As the economy rebounds, we will continue to see investment in basic OT infrastructure with more IT capabilities to allow a broad ecosystem of participants to deploy these solutions, and by 2021, the adoption rate of Industry 4.0 will be greatly improve.

As AI continues to mature and become ubiquitous in all aspects of our lives, Intuit believes that AI will become an integral part of how applications are developed and used, and will completely change how applications are designed-no longer an afterthought Idea, but the application of "AI-First".

Artificial intelligence is as safe as team building/behind the scenes. As companies increasingly work under the microscope under the responsibility of consumers, people will continue to focus on ethical AI.

50% of small businesses fail in the first five years. And most of them fail due to cash flow problems. Due to the pandemic, small businesses now have fewer resources than ever before, and they are dealing with a lot of uncertainty – they don’t know if they can buy more inventory, if they can manage their cash flow accurately or if they can Hire more people from them. In addition, the tax season is approaching, increasing people's anxiety.

By 2021, the shift to service-as-a-service will become a top priority, and I hope that advances in education policy and investment will promote the development of this concept. It is essential to transfer funds and grants to schools to advance this service model to ensure that all students have access to affordable, high-quality education. In the long run, "education as a service" will become the global education standard.

In the past ten years, the entire cybercrime ecosystem has been formed on the dark web. Cybercriminals are increasingly gaining the use of emerging technologies to implement large-scale automated attacks. The dark web has also become a virtual weapon for cybercriminals, who can share tips and tricks to scan for vulnerabilities and commit fraud. As criminals use artificial intelligence and robots more than ever before, the development and complexity of cybercrime will continue to evolve in 2021.

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By 2021, AI will be used to improve the accuracy of phishing attacks. AI-powered spear-phishing email campaigns are highly targeted and target specific audiences. Discovering information from social media and tailoring attacks to specific victims can increase click-through rates by up to 40 times, and all of these can be automated through advanced AI technology. In 2021, cybercriminals will continue to imitate phishing attacks after human behavior, copy specific language or tone, in order to improve the return on investment of attack investment.

For most companies, the COVID-19 pandemic will slow down AI investment in 2020. Although AI is still one of the key technical areas, companies still need an effective way to expand their AI practices and implement AI in their businesses to accelerate the return on investment of AI investments. As organizations face pressure to optimize work processes, more and more companies will begin to require BI teams to develop and manage AI/ML models. This motivation to drive new types of BI-based "AI developers" will be driven by two key factors: First, compared to hiring dedicated data scientists, the use of tools such as the AutoML 2.0 platform makes BI teams more sustainable and Scalability. Second, because BI teams are closer to business use cases than data scientists, the life cycle from "requirements" to working models will be accelerated. The new AutoML 2.0 platform can help automate 100% of the AI/ML development process, thereby enabling enterprises to build faster and more useful models.

In 2021, we will see improvements in information delivery models for information sharing as new technologies such as artificial intelligence and federated learning become increasingly ubiquitous in healthcare. In addition to supporting innovations such as telehealth, these technologies will speed up and streamline the collaborative process, making it easier for healthcare professionals to provide high-quality care to their patients as well as keep track of new treatment options.

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