Roambee Will Monitor And Reduce Pollution From British Chemical's Railcar Fleet

A multinational British chemical firm using Roambee's technology to monitor its leased railcar fleet and reduce storage contamination by addressing visibility gaps.

FREMONT, CA: "There's a lot more to managing rail logistics in the modern age—constant shipment movement tracking, route deviations, detention at yards, dwell time at unloading docks, and bottlenecks along the way—but we've cracked the code," states Sanjay Sharma, Chief Executive Officer at Roambee. Roambee, a global provider of real-time supply chain visibility and intelligence with a network of over 300 firms and offices on different continents, employs smart sensor technology to revolutionize the rail sector at both the cargo and asset levels. Its cutting-edge sensor-driven visibility and analytics provide shippers and transport companies with a cost-effective alternative to expensive air or road freight, enabling more accurate estimated time of arrivals (ETAs) to achieve predictable delivery times—a previously unheard-of feature in rail transport.

"Our platform and analytics eliminates the challenges of managing shipments transported by any transportation mode, be it Less-than Truck Load (LTL), rail, air, or ocean. Our customers use our curated, high-fidelity shipment information to improve their supply chain," adds Sharma.

Using Roambee's real-time railcar tracking in yard and transit, one of the largest chemical manufacturers in the world, which operates in more than 25 countries, recently addressed its greatest supply chain issues. On top of railcars, solar-powered IoT sensors were installed for all-weather durability and data analytics actionability. Through real-time position and condition sensing data, the company acquired improved visibility on the location and full/empty status of their railcars, leading to a 70 percent increase in the precision of their ETAs. Using keyless, sensor-connected, heavy-duty padlocks on chemical silos and storage facilities, Roambee enabled the company to save thousands of dollars by reducing storage contamination.

Due to the rising complexity of global supply chains and the vital role multimodal transport plays in managing supply chains, suppliers are exploring innovative methods to carry cargo. Initially, roads dominated inland freight transit because of their extensive presence. Over time, however, infrastructure improvements and alternative, cost-effective modes of transportation, particularly rail, have increased. The White House will invest $10 billion in freight rail and intermodal infrastructure in 2021. Coupled with the deployment of 26,152,716 carloads and intermodal units in 2021, an increase of 5.7 percent compared to 2020. It gives a reason to assume that rail utilization will expand, and Roambee is well-equipped to assist suppliers in overcoming its obstacles.

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