Top emerging technologies in 2021

2021 will witness some massive technology upgrades and announcements, following is the list of what we think will steal the show.

FREMONT, CA: 2020 was a year that no one would ever forget. Impacting almost everyone, businesses have undergone a massive transformation to keep up with the enormous migration of operations into the digital world. Technologies have witnessed exponential growth. With the rise in telemedicine, to online classes, 2020 was a great example of how the business could adapt to unexpected scenarios.

The following decade will witness several technologies making into everyday lives. For now, let us have a look at the most fascinating technologies that would rule 2021:

1. Driverless Cars: In the past couple of years, the autonomous car industry has fixated its focus on level-5 autonomy in cars, but not much has been delivered so far. In 2020, Elon Musk confidently announced that Tesla will develop level-5 autonomous cars by 2020, but we know that didn’t happen. Tesla did achieve significant modifications in its self-driving cars and is expected to thrill us this year.

2. The H-20 Bomber by PLAAF, growing aviation industry:  The Chinese aviation industry has seen massive growth. China has successfully launched 29 satellites in the first 9 months of 2020, compared to the USA's 27. The People’s Liberation Army Air Force’s (PLAAF) upcoming H-20 stealth bomber indicates how China is dedicated to boosting its defense capabilities. It is highly anticipated that China PLAAF will exhibit the bomber this year, and all eyes will be on it.

3. Bitcoin: Bitcoin’s performance in the last decade has been amazing, which is why it has received significant funding. All major enterprises are investing in cryptocurrency. Bitcoin’s economical, no-middle-man structure, and fast transactions have made it everyone’s favorite. The cryptocurrency market currently worths US$ 1T and is expected to implement KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) protections, which is going to increase its popularity in 2021.

4. 3D Volumetric Displays: Australia’s Voxon Photonics is aiming to commercialize volumetric display technology. They developed the Voxon VX1 which is already available in stores and can project 500 volumetric pixels. Despite its uniqueness, there has not been any significant high-volume purchase, given that it is priced at $10,000. This technology is going to be used in image technologies, as well as in 3D designs. Professionals such as engineering, technicians, even medical professionals could use this technology.

5. Mobility Upgrade in Urban Setup, 1000kmph trains: Urban mobility is undergoing immense upgrades and local governments are also making sure that they receive sufficient investments. The Korean Railroad Research Institute’s (KORAIL) Hyper-Tube train last year achieved a record speed of 1000kmph during the testing phase. Hyper-loop technologies and underground tunnels are being developed by the US and China. These technologies could revolutionize rail transportation.

6. No-code AI Applications: AI is one of the fastest developing technologies in today's world. It offers a mammoth of usability, which has prompted all major enterprises to try taking advantage of it and improve their operations. There are several initiatives where SMEs can utilize AI without having to employ an expert or specialist. Applications like DarwinTM are allowing users to develop models without knowing anything about coding. As more and more enterprises are transforming digitally, it is expected that no-code AI will be attracting some major investments and upgrades.

7. 5G Technology: 5G has been in talks in the mobile industry for quite some time now. It guarantees a revolution in human-to-human communication with high-resolutions video, VR gaming, and many more relevant features. 5G applications are way beyond telecommunication. 5G can enable efficient, and reliable semi-automatic systems such as trucks, cars, and drones.

5G is still under development in all major countries. Though theoretically, 5G can provide a speed of 20Gbps, in the US, 5G networks only provide 35-50Mbps speed. But things are expected to change in 2021. The latest Apple iPhone will support 5G, hence, a large portion of the US smartphones is expected to be upgraded to support 5G by the end of 2021. 

8. Cybersecurity: The past couple of years witnessed severe data breaches and cyber-attacks. Consumers are more concerned about data security. Hence businesses are pressured to ensure data security and stay prepared for any data breaches. Cybersecurity firms are employing AI to identify attacks and divert them. AI can also be utilized to identify the weak spots of the security systems and predict future system failures. A lot of upgrades and innovations are expected in 2021.

9. Analytics: The amount of data that is generated on an everyday basis by a person is ten times more than what it used to be a few years ago. Companies are using their data to predict user behavior and actions. Data analytics can be utilized to run successful marketing campaigns. Analytics can also predict the failure of any operation and give insights as to how they can be improved. Not to forget, there also exists some friction between the consumers and the businesses regarding data security and how that data is being used. Companies need to become transparent about their privacy policies and maintain their ethics.

Given the pandemic is far from over, more and more industries are expected to digitize, which will cause the development of many more technologies. 2020 came with a lot of hidden surprises, we hope 2021 brings surprises too, preferably positive ones. This year for sure will witness some cool announcements and launches which hopefully will make our lives a lot easier.

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