Volta Trucks to partner with HERE Technologies

The next Volta Zero is likely to incorporate integrated navigation services from HERE Technologies, according to Volta Trucks, the premier and pioneering full-electric commercial vehicle manufacturer and services provider.

FREMONT, CA: The Volta Zero is expected to feature integrated navigation services from HERE Technologies. The Volta Zero is likely to deploy EV Range Assistant, a function developed by HERE specifically for deliveries in inner-city areas. It enables route planning with several delivery stops and includes range prediction for trucks on the road. Search, navigation, real-time traffic, and turn-by-turn audio coaching are available in the EV Range Assistant.

Volta Trucks are using HERE Navigation's navigation-as-a-service architecture to create a streamlined infotainment supply chain and development process. The benefits of the services include affordable costs, enhanced scalability, and the possibility for Volta Trucks to deliver a unique In-Vehicle-Infotainment system that can be remotely controlled and monitored by customers, allowing the driver experience to be consistently updated and upgraded. While streaming the most up-to-date map data, secure data transfer between the vehicle and cloud improves driver safety and privacy.

HERE Navigation enables drivers to use what3words, a revolutionary geolocation technique. What3words is a simple method of identifying a location more accurately than a street address. What3words has divided the globe into a grid of three-meter squares, each with its own set of three random words: a what3words address. What3words addresses may be entered directly into in-truck systems, allowing drivers to navigate to specific places such as building doors or loading bays — excellent for hectic drivers making several deliveries in a city.

Another world-class partner for Volta Trucks is HERE Technologies, which provides all of the functions of embedded navigation with the user experience of a mobile navigation app. The experts are pleased to put years of experience working with premier OEMs to good use by assisting Volta Trucks in providing the greatest navigation experience possible to its truck drivers.

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