Warehouses Benefiting From Mobile Weighing Technology

Warehouses Benefiting From Mobile Weighing Technology

FREMONT, CA: As the online shopping trend is growing, customer expectations are also in the rise. In order to meet these expectations, the industry requires speed in supply chain and logistics. Technology is innovating warehouse operations with advanced tools. The mobile weighing technology, the battery-powered semi-trailer movers are examples providing greater efficiency in the truck yard.

In the conventional logistics model, the product is transferred via pallet jack to stationary scales inside the warehouse. Worker manually records the data as the product weighs before the load is transported back to the loading area. This process is cumbersome and time-consuming. Mobile weighing lets the product to be loaded or unloaded and weighed simultaneously. Data is recorded immediately and transmitted wirelessly to the warehouse management systems.

Benefits of Mobile Weighing

• Mobile weighing reduces time and expenses.

• Data flows directly to the capturing device eliminating the probability of human error.

• A weighing mechanism removes the need for a cumbersome assortment of equipment that is prone to safety hazards.

• Reduces traffic congestion to and from a stationary scale

• Improves critical data capturing

Mobile weighing technology is also being used in quality check for picking applications. It can ensure the product is packed and shipped in the correct quantities and the box weighs the right amount. Future mobile weighing system may hold voice activation or cameras that can capture the picture to send to the end user or the next person in the chain of process. This enables proper storage and unloading arrangements. These tasks are performed with the help of radio frequency identification or barcoding.

One major pain point of the mobile weighing technology to be addressed is that, it doesn't address the dimensional weighing, reflecting the density and amount of space a package occupies.

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