Pacific Air Cargo: The Freight Nirvana for Hawaii and Neighboring Islands

Tanja Janfruechte, CEO & President and Paul Skellon, Director of Marketing, Communications and PR, Pacific Air CargoTanja Janfruechte, CEO & President and Paul Skellon, Director of Marketing, Communications and PR
Pacific Air Cargo (PAC) offers exclusive Boeing 747- 400F, 747-400F Nose-Loader aircraft for daily express air cargo services between Los Angeles and Honolulu, with onward connections to Hawaii neighbor islands. A Boeing 757-200F operates weekly services to Pago Pago, American Samoa, and Guam, Micronesia. PAC began as the ambitious vision of Founder Beti Ward, who wanted to fulfil the shipping requirements of the mainland’s freight businesses, Hawaii’s consumers, and other communities throughout the Pacific rim. The company was founded in 2000 and immediately became sought-after by businesses that wanted a reliable alternative to traditional maritime shipping and reduce transit times from more than a week to mere hours.

Now, with daily shipments averaging more than 250,000 pounds to Hawaii, some of the world’s remotest islands, PAC continues to tackle pandemic-induced disruptions, higher freight costs, skyrocketing fuel prices, and labor shortages that are affecting freight forwarders and airlines throughout the industry.

In addition to shipping, PAC provides in-house warehousing, cargo handling, and aircraft ground handling services. The company also has competitive resources to support the military and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in carrying out relief missions during natural disasters, providing a vital link with communities throughout the Pacific.
“PAC is a logistics center for the reception and distribution of medical supplies, water, and power generators to the islands.

We offer a vital lifeline to these communities, for we create that much-needed, reliable connection between them and the U.S. mainland,” says Paul Skellon, Director of Marketing, Communications, and PR for PAC. Furthermore, the company can provide transportation of oversized vehicles, livestock and pets, and perishable produce.

PAC stays up to date with the evolving security directives of the Transport Security Administration (TSA), FAA and other regulations mandated by the airport authority. PAC is also widely known for its flexibility and capacity to add additional flights and charter opportunities to accommodate their clients’ requirements.

To better serve its clients, PAC continues to enhance its innovative and automated advisory system and tracking tool, PACTRAK. This state-of-the-art technology enables customers to track cargo in real-time. It also notifies them of any shipping delays to prevent freight forwarders from incurring additional costs of labor and fuel.
  • We Offer Flexible, Cost-Effective, And Expert Cargo, Warehousing, And Charter Opportunities To Help Clients Scale Their Businesses

In its 22 years of service, PAC created numerous success stories. The ones that stand out come from its remarkable effort in battling the challenges of the pandemic. When COVID-19 hit the Hawaii Islands, the company helped hospitals cope with oxygen shortages by flying in oversized tanks and returning them to the mainland to be replenished. PAC is perhaps the only air cargo operator to support the scaling of the renewable energy sector in Hawaii. It has transported huge components of wind turbine machinery to Hawaii to support the windfarms that help to increase the state’s renewable energy production. When a filtration system fault in an aquifer led to water contamination across Oahu, forcing tens of thousands of people to survive on bottled water, PAC flew in the necessary equipment to support the urgent effort to restore clean water.

Aiming to script many more success stories, PAC is upping its scheduled flight frequency from the current six days to seven and is widening its network throughout the Pacific. The company is also constructing a dedicated air-conditioned VIP pet reception area at its Honolulu facility. “Pacific Air Cargo is really a unique company in the market because of our ability to be so flexible and to make significant, and timely decisions. It means we offer responsive, cost-effective, expert cargo, warehousing, and charter opportunities to help our partners scale their businesses,” concludes PAC’s CEO & President, Tanja Janfruechte.
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Pacific Air Cargo

Los Angeles, CA and Honolulu, HI

Tanja Janfruechte, CEO & President and Paul Skellon, Director of Marketing, Communications and PR

Pacific Air Cargo provides Boeing 747-400F air cargo service daily between Los Angeles and Honolulu with connections to Hawaii neighbor islands and weekly services to Pago Pago and Guam.

Pacific Air Cargo