SJW Logistics: A Trusted Shipping Partner for Small Business Owners

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Seretha Willingham, Founder and CEO , SJW LogisticsSeretha Willingham, Founder and CEO
SJW Logistics is a leading third-party logistics (3PL) company that specializes in delivering sustainable, reliable, and affordable logistics solutions to small and medium businesses. Since its inception in 2017, SJW Logistics has been focusing on helping clients seamlessly move their products from manufacturing to consumers by leveraging a unique combination of experience, services, relationships, and technology.

Serving as a one-stop logistics service provider, SJW Logistics covers the whole gamut of services including fleet, warehousing, consulting, transloading, brokerage, freight storage, and shipping. With its cross-docking, pallet storage, and e-Commerce order fulfillment services, the company is well-recognized in the e-Commerce space, helping businesses expand and grow domestically and globally.

SJW Logistics’ comprehensive portfolio of services is instrumental in helping clients address the challenges pertaining to unprecedented shipping delays and rising costs. The company leverages its global network of partners and carriers and ‘one invoice’ model to assist clients with affordable on-time shipping.

“We handle clients’ entire logistical needs, which may include individual or collective offerings from our service portfolio, and send a single invoice to pay,” states Seretha Willingham, Founder and CEO of SJW Logistics.
Aspiring to be its clients’ most trusted partner, SJW Logistics adopts a partnership approach when collaborating with them. A typical client engagement begins with its team understanding their logistical needs, challenges, and business objectives with a questionnaire. The company then designs right-fit logistics solutions based on these insights. In many instances, SJW Logistics goes the extra mile to develop a technology product in-house to meet clients’ specific requirements. For these customers, the company also builds a user manual based on the customers’ specifications, helping them run the technology.

When a client collaborates with SJW Logistics, they know their products are in safe hands. The firm deploys their best-in-class equipment and monitoring systems to track and ensure the safety of each product during the fleet transportation process. SJW Logistics uses warehouse management systems to track their customers’ inventory while cameras and GPS tracking systems are installed in each truck to reduce check calls and monitor the freight status in real-time. All drivers maintain the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) safety standards. SJW Logistics also offers custom reporting, empowering clients to seamlessly track their sales and inventory.
  • We handle clients’ entire logistical needs, which may include individual or collective offerings from our service portfolio, and send a single invoice to pay

SJW Logistics’ value proposition was best displayed in its collaboration with a leading food service SME struggling with product distribution. They had developed an excellent product and were attempting to sign a retail agreement with a big retailer. To get the deal however, they had to stock the product themselves on the retailer’s store shelves. This was challenging as they were a small business with limited understanding of logistics and shipping. When SJW Logistics came on board, they provided logistics services that helped them stock the products in stores, eventually securing the deal.

This is just one of the many success stories SJW Logistics has drafted over the years. The firm’s best-in-class warehousing and e-fulfillment services have helped a myriad of clients expand their businesses into emerging markets.

“SJW Logistics is consistently the top choice for businesses because we free them from burdens of set-up fees, minimum order requirements, and long-term contracts while also positioning them uniquely to tap on new market opportunities,” says Willingham.
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Seretha Willingham, Founder and CEO

SJW Logistics is a leading third-party logistics (3PL) company excelling in cross docking, pallet storage and e-Commerce order fulfillment services. Staying transparent to every need of clients—small and medium-sized businesses—the firm deploys the needed resources for storing and moving any product across the globe.

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