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Michael Shortt, President, Two Points LogisticsMichael Shortt, President
In the logistics business, speed is of the essence. Organizations that are nimble, proactive, and customer-centric are in a better position to drive cost efficiency for their clients. A working example of this principle is Two Points Logistics, which adopts a simple, one-on-one approach to provide robust transportation solutions that fulfill all client expectations.

Backed by an international network of partners and agents, Two Points Logistics offers effective shipping solutions to clients throughout North America. They are a one-stop transportation solution provider offering Over the-road, intermodal, and ocean shipping services. It caters to global clients in the food & beverage, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, liquor, and machinery sectors.

“Having been in the market for 16 years, we have built good relationships with a core group of carriers. This helps us drive cost efficiency for our clients, enabling us to cater to companies for whom price is a significant factor,” says Michael Shortt, President of Two Points Logistics.

Two Points Logistics’ primary objective is to keep the shipping process simple for its customers by focusing only on freight brokerage. The company does not deviate from its core business of finding transportation solutions in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. “We don’t attempt to be a customs broker or warehousing solution provider,” says Shortt. But, if clients require these services and do not currently have these contacts in place, they can put them in touch with the right party to solve their challenges.

For instance, if a customer is unaware of the nuances of sending a shipment cross border, Two Points Logistics will connect them with a customs broker that specializes in either inbound or outbound clearances. “Offering this type of service to people, rather than just stating we can’t do it, allows for us to connect with our clients more, showing them that while we may not be able to assist in that area, we know the people that can help.”

When it comes to shipping options, Two Points Logistics goes beyond a basic pricing module and doesn’t believe in offering only one rate for shipping. Clients can select from multiple options that allow them to make informed choices on variables such as mode of transport and delivery timeframes.

Two Points Logistics’ principle of keeping logistics simple extends to not forcing any transport management systems (TMS) or other solutions on clients. Instead, the company works with their clients’ TMS systems, and if they do not have one, Two Points Logistics works with additional sources to allow clients to get this information, whether it be email updates or shared google docs. “We found that most companies are starting to build their own TMS systems and have us update on their side, so having our own at the same time, seemed like a cost burden we didn’t need to add into our rates. With the companies that don’t have their own TMS, we let them choose how they want to be notified. Not everyone wants emails every 10 minutes with status updates.”

Two Points Logistics’ straightforward style is complemented by its unique, one-on-one approach to customer service. It ensures that each customer is attended to individually rather than being just a client over email. Each employee builds strategic relationships with the account they handle, allowing them to deeply understand the client’s needs. The company also trains a backup employee for every account, so there is always someone available that can assist with a full understanding of the client’s needs.
  • Having been in the market for 16 years, we have built good relationships with a core group of carriers. This helps us drive cost efficiency for our clients

Two Points Logistics embodies transparency in its operations by informing clients in advance of any shipping delays. Clients are made aware of the situation and the steps being taken to get the shipment back on track, allowing clients to feel confident their freight is in the best hands. To maintain this level of transparency, Two Points Logistics vets its regular carriers based on their efficiency in communication and level of on-time service.

Two Points’ thorough approach and tailored solutions have enabled it to remain on top of its game, even during the pandemic. By capitalizing on its vast network of carriers and years of experience in the North American transport market, the company was able to find trucks in difficult regions and scale its operations when most businesses were simply trying to stay afloat.

Case in point, Two Points Logistics was able to assist a few of Canada’s largest food companies in continuously locating equipment and keeping rates at the lower end of the scale, while most Brokerage and asset-based companies saw an opportunity to increase rates based on the sector’s vulnerability. This approach to gaining clients proved successful as it saw them increase business ten-fold over the coming year, providing them an opportunity to showcase their services and direct one-on-one approach, and build trust with clients with them knowing that they were being given a fair rate at all times.

Two Points Logistics refuses to be complacent with its past successes and continues to approach each shipment as if it were its first. Their constant push for client feedback continues to allow them to find innovative ways to improve their services and gain momentum in the Freight Brokerage sector.
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Michael Shortt, President

Backed by an international network of partners and agents, Two Points Logistics offers effective shipping solutions anywhere and everywhere, round the clock. The company caters to clients in the food, lumber, pharmaceutical, liquor, and heavy machinery sectors globally.

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