USPack Logistics: Optimizing Real-time Routing for On-Demand Economy

Now more than ever before, customer expectations directly inform the development priorities of logistics companies. How to meet these customers’ needs and deliver an Uber-like customer experience? This is the question driving many CIOs of logistics companies to go the extra mile.

Typically, most of the purchases from e-commerce platforms are being cancelled due to delivery times being too long, as consumers today expect increasingly speedy delivery times and visibility to see when precisely their shipments are going to arrive. Retailers trying to sell products online are finding it extremely challenging to meet the same-day delivery demand as they often lack both reliable distribution networks and funds to invest in technology to optimize their businesses. What retailers need is a steadfast logistics partner that can handle the entire supply chain efficiently and deliver a continually enhanced customer experience.

To give customers an unparalleled final-mile delivery experience, USPack has tailored solutions to ensure streamlined movement from points of origin to customers’ doorsteps, with its integrated network of delivery professionals, innovative technology, and terminal network. Drawing on three decades of deep experience in delivery management, USPack’s network is well-positioned to deliver packages securely and intact to their destinations on time. “From auto parts and medical supplies to prescriptions and software components, we deliver goods, to customer specifications, of varied sizes, shapes, temperatures and weights,” says Jim van Leenen, Vice Chairman of the Board of USPack.

Behind the success of USPack’s logistics solutions is their highly skilled IT team with deep resource to build new solutions while enhancing visibility, reporting, and extending connectivity.

USPack has created customized scalable delivery routes that not only maximize efficiency and productivity but also help businesses run smoothly.

USPack utilizes Adaptive Delivery Driven Intelligence technology (ADDI), a fully integrated software suite comprising automated scheduling and information portals equipping USPack’s team with actionable insights to enhance delivery execution and stay ahead of competition across the United States. “This f lexible platform also delivers unmatched levels of transparency, intelligence, and predictability to our customers and their customers,” emphasizes van Leenen. The big and bulky solution offered by USPack has proven processes to schedule and pick up heavy goods, safely store and deliver them to their destinations while continually managing timing and costs. Using this capability, increasing numbers of the country’s leading e-commerce companies are increasing their productivity and developing robust customer relationships, in partnership with USPack.

USPack offers its services to all sectors including automotive, pharmaceutical, medical, and e-commerce in delivering a range of products of all shapes and sizes. “Our logistics services have been proven for over 3 decades and have a 99+ percent success rate of on-time pickup and delivery,” says van Leenen. The company provides messenger services through SMS and emails to keep customers informed about the accurate, real-time location of the delivery.

When it comes to the medical and pharmaceutical industries, delivering hospital products is extremely challenging, due to time sensitivities, plus HIPAA and OSHA regulations. The effectiveness of USPack can be best illustrated with a customer success story. Van Leenen cites a scenario in which a company that focused on home infusion delivery of medication had difficulty delivering medication on time, given a lack proper communication channels and process inefficiencies. USPack, with its professional network, call center, and messenger service, took up the responsibility. The company’s network was able to deliver the medication on-time with real-time visibility. All this, while providing a cost savings of triple, compared to the company’s internal process.

USPack’s growth continues to accelerate as the company continues to fulfill its goal of delivering top-quality service across the nation, with enhanced technological innovation and an unparalleled customer experience.
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USPack Logistics

Orlando, Florida

Jim van Leenen, Vice Chairman and Mark Glazma, CEO

USPack is a same-day final-mile delivery company custom-built to help brands and businesses win in the delivery economy

"Our logistics services are proven and have a 99 percent success rate of on-time pickup and delivery"

- Jim van Leenen, Vice Chairman