Western Freight Solutions: Taking a Synergistic Approach to Supply Chain Management

Casey Bassenden,  Managing Director, Western Freight SolutionsCasey Bassenden, Managing Director
Marking the end of stringent pandemic-related measures, companies are finally getting their supply chains back to normal. However, challenges like the lack of space on vessels, strikes, rail delays, and container shortages continue to pose big problems. Against this challenging backdrop, businesses find themselves searching for supply chain solutions that offer more than the standard logistics company.

Western Freight Solutions provides precisely what businesses are looking for. It has discovered that many freight companies simply act as providers for their clients. Western Freight's approach places partnership at the forefront, creating the synergy required between client and provider to ensure unique challenges are confronted and overcome.

"Our goal is to listen to our customers with an emphasis on creating the necessary synergies. We're not just another logistics company, but an extension of the shipper, embedded within their company," says Casey Bassenden, managing director, Western Freight Solutions.

Combining market intelligence with transparency is the key to Western Freight's approach. This allows it to build a solid infrastructure that alleviates supply chain stress by meeting current and future demand.

Companies returning to business as usual often find existing supply chain options constrained or obsolete. The result is a market that's looking for additional options for transporting goods without the hindrances created by post-pandemic issues. These options must also be flexible enough to account for emerging or time-sensitive challenges, like the changes in crop volumes.

This is an opportunity for companies like Western Freight Solutions. Taking on the role of advocate for shippers, it aims to create additional export opportunities. Western Freight's proactive approach gives it the ability to advocate for its clients while creating innovative solutions. However, for Western Freight, synergy is vital to providing powerful solutions.

"Synergy is really the epitome of our organization," states Bassenden.

Synergy implies treating every customer interaction like Western Freight is conducting the action for itself. Creating synergies between supplier and client, Western Freight learns everything, from the client's logistics and coordination to its documentation requirements. Additionally, they understand the movement of cargoes from the door of the customer, having established their own domestic division to offer a service from the door of the shipper to the door of the consignee, where needed. Each lesson learned may also reveal challenges the client hasn't anticipated, allowing Western Freight to understand and confront them with innovative solutions.

Ultimately, Western Freight aims to create synergies across the transportation network that includes multiple transloading opportunities, from both the East and West Coast of Canada. Additionally, creating synergies with the shipping lines and various logistics companies to offer a much wider array of services.
  • Synergy is really the epitome of our organization

Western Freight Solutions takes an outside-the-box approach to build synergy within that wider network. This approach varies depending on the client but may involve looking for alternative options and breaking down the cost per metric ton each of those offers. Gaining full visibility over the network allows Western Freight to squeeze the numbers for its clients, resulting in more cost-efficient transport that provides the same or superior results to pre-established methods.

For example, in relations to Latin America, space remains constrained from the West Coast, therefore with the shipping line and with their partners, they went to the drawing board to develop new supply chain solutions geared at movement of goods by diverting some of this traffic to the East Coast, at a cost-effective solution. In doing so, they were not only able to find a viable supply chain solution that would enhance the export trade, but at a cost point that was workable. Western Freight Solutions’ goal is to find win-win-win solutions whereby all parties in the transaction can mutually benefit.

Carrying the innovation required to revolutionize the supply chain, Western Freight operates under the slogan "Supply Chain Solutions Simplified." By removing the complexity of managing wide-reaching logistical issues out of the clients’ hands, Western Freight aims to resolve pre-existing supply chain issues exacerbated by the pandemic.
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