Western Transport Logistics: Revamping Customer-Centric Logistics

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Doug Hancock, President, Western Transport LogisticsDoug Hancock, President
The ‘grand slam’ strategies driving shippers to optimize logistics operations are timely delivery, expert handling, and reduced truck turnaround time. But these strategies are impeded by the exacerbating driver shortages caused by increased time-on-roads and lower wages. To address these challenges, Western Transport Logistics (WTL) leverages its unique symbiosis of industry-leading driver engagement initiatives and a comprehensive fleet of flatbed trucks.

“We are committed to doing all we can to meet the needs of our drivers, and by extension, the expectations of our customers, even if that means we do things differently than every other fleet on the road,” says Doug Hancock, president of WTL.

The exemplary care the company provides its drivers enables WTL to ensure its client’s goods are always in trustworthy hands. On the foundation of this operation model, WTL offers robust flatbed-based transportation services for heavy equipment, chemicals transportation and pumping, variable dimensional loads, lumbers, and general freight.

WTL’s order of business begins with drawing an effective plan per the customer’s shipping requirements. Its team of experts assesses the customer’s multifaceted needs, including the load size, special requirements, truck allocation, transit time, and cost, to identify the best approach for seamless delivery. For chemical deliveries, the company utilizes 275-gallon totes to safely deliver the substances directly to the customer’s location.
WTL leverages its patented electronic pumping process that prints tickets for ease of operability, enabling it to distribute precise amounts of chemicals at the customer’s various locations.

Simultaneously, to facilitate seamless monitoring and tracking, WTL’s trucks are equipped with GPS tracking, allowing WTL and its customers to know the whereabouts of all their drivers and packages in real-time. As an extension, WTL’s tracing solution enables clients to connect directly with drivers to get the exact location of in-transit freights until they reach their destination. The cross-country connectivity facilitated by WTL enables its clients to establish a seamless delivery of goods.

WTL is pushing the bounds of what drivers can expect from logistics companies. It has established a percentage pay system along with salary allowing them to take advantage of seasonal upswings in the market. WTL’s drivers averaged over $100,000 in 2021, which is a testament to why drivers prefer working with the company. Even if they run into unpredictable situations on the road, WTL’s concierge team is just within reach with the necessary assistance so drivers can focus on driving. As a result of such driver engagement, WTL’s clients can rest easy knowing their goods are in safe and trustworthy hands during transit.
  • We are committed to doing all we can to meet the needs of our drivers, and by extension, the expectation of our customers, even if that means we do things differently than every other fleet on the road

WTL’s focus on customer satisfaction and safety was brought to light by a recent chemical transportation engagement. The client’s shipper could not transport the particular consignment of chemical goods. The limited availability of tankers hindered their ability to ship the products on time. WTL took over and executed the entire product delivery process, enabling quick and timely delivery of a substantial amount of chemicals to their customers. WTL met the pre-defined dock schedule with time to spare. Its dedicated, expedited services assisted the manufacturing facility in meeting special customer requests while accommodating changes in batch production schedules.

From humble beginnings with just one truck in 2011, WTL has expanded into one of the largest fleets in Phoenix, Arizona. By taking human-centric approaches in logistics, WTL is set to take customer and driver satisfaction to the next level by synonymizing with newer technologies. The thought behind WTL reestablishes the meaning of “service doesn’t have to be big and grandiose to be meaningful and make a difference.”
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Doug Hancock, President

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