Wheelbase: Revolutionizing RV Fleet Management Technology

Jeff Cavins, Co-Founder & CEO, WheelbaseJeff Cavins, Co-Founder & CEO
Until now, RV dealerships and rental companies have had very little choice in the features, price and design of the rental software needed to run their businesses. When the team at Wheelbase learned that these companies wanted affordable, solution-driven, innovative, easy-to-use tools, building Wheelbase software became their first priority.

They learned that historically RV rental management software has not been web-enabled. They wanted to change that. Other software lacks key features and other components, has not included mobile applications, and has been expensive. When Wheelbase launched, the team changed the ecosystem of RV management with their free, easy-to-use software suite with integrated 50-state DMV verification, one-click insurance, and 24 hour roadside services.

RV rental management revolves around a variety of different tasks that often require different products and tools. Smaller RV companies may not be able to afford high-end software management products, forcing them to use hardcopy forms and paperwork to manage their business. Wheelbase offers a free tool that automates and simplifies the tasks required to manage an RV rental business.
Many companies struggle with commercial insurance because of its complexity and cost. The team at Wheelbase partnered with one of the nation’s largest loss run carriers and have integrated the insurance process into the Wheelbase software. With the click of a button, drivers and renters have on-demand insurance. This eliminates the need for the rental company to have a blanket policy. It helps to reduce the overhead cost of insurance.

They’ve also integrated roadside assistance into Wheelbase. The traditional method for purchasing this type of protection involved paperwork and a costly annual membership. Jeff Cavins, CEO, Wheelbase, explains, “We created an automated roadside services option that you can leverage only for the time you’re using the RV. Our program adds the fee for roadside assistance into the cost of the rental of the RV.”

Driver verification is another facet of rental management that the team at Wheelbase has automated and incorporated into their software. By connecting to all 50 states’ DMVs across the country, the Wheelbase system can pull an entire driving history in a matter of seconds. When a clean driving record is returned, the software then offers the insurance options followed by the roadside assistance options. All of this is done without fees or insurance premiums. Wheelbase gets paid by charging the company a small percentage of every rental.

With Wheelbase, RV rental companies can improve the way they run their businesses, increasing efficiencies in processes and outcomes like increased profitability, time-saving, and better customer experiences. Wheelbase maintains 24-hour support, seven days a week, 365 days a year. They offer online support via the web as well as a live call center. “We are staffed by 12 RVDA certified technicians that rotate shifts. We also have customer success representatives that help with insurance and provide travel assistance,” states Cavins.

As a forward-looking company, the team at Wheelbase is continuing to develop their technology and offerings for the RV rental management arena. Their next innovative product incorporates GPS technology that connects to the onboard data port in an RV. This will allow owners to track their vehicles, review driving patterns, analyze engine data, set geofences, disable the ignition, and remotely lock/ unlock the vehicle. As a proactive player in the marketplace, the tools Wheelbase develops to help RV dealers, combined with their customer service solutions bring accessibility and creative solutions to the world of RV traveling.
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Jeff Cavins, Co-Founder & CEO

Wheelbase designs and develops technology to improve the guest experience with RV travel nationwide

"With the click of a button, drivers and renters have on-demand insurance"

- Jeff Cavins, Co-Founder & CEO