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Jitender Makkar, CEO, XOLogisticJitender Makkar, CEO
Logistical issues can and will arise while running an enterprise, leading many businesses to turn to 3PL experts for assistance. Clients worldwide have witnessed how these issues are alleviated with XOLogistic’s solutions, which redefine the 3PL space and drive tangible results. It is a full-service e-commerce and fulfillment center that provides tailored warehouse logistic services.

XOLogistic understands each organization comes with a diverse set of needs, and they recognize while they may not be experts in logistics, XOLogistic is.

Customization and the competency to meet a wide range of client needs are what distinguish XOLogistic from the market competition. With massive storage capacity and a team of dedicated professionals, it is equipped to handle complex logistical operations, including packing and handling, long-term warehousing, returns management, specialized packaging implementation and kitting, shipping, and distribution management.

Another unique aspect is XOLogistic caters to small and large businesses, optimizing efficiency and savings for both.

“Scale is an important component of how we cater to our clients. We are equipped to handle large projects, shipping thousands of products every week, and nimble enough to dedicate the same efforts to shipping three to four products per day,” said Jitender Makkar, CEO of XOLogistic.

Small businesses running warehouse logistics operations usually don’t understand what they need help with or how to maximize savings. The XOLogistic team observes their operations to understand how it can streamline them, giving them confidence. When it comes to large clients, the team follows the same approach to deliver the right-fit solution.

XOLogistic conducts an initial assessment of a client’s day-to-day operations before the formal onboarding process begins. The team procures enterprise data for analysis and performs client interviews, gaining the baseline information necessary to run operations and delivering results that accurately reflect their needs.

XOLogistic has been instrumental in driving success for many clients in the 3PL industry. A home design-build firm in Boston, Massachusetts, sought XOLogistic to reduce storage and delivery costs. Their shipping and warehousing costs were high due to the volume of materials and products imported from countries like Spain and Italy. In the construction industry, predicting the size and shape of different pieces of raw material can be challenging. Some months they would have a large volume, and during other months, their large warehouse space was not in use. XOLogistic addressed these operational issues by providing warehouse space for them, labeling and organizing the materials, and delivering them to appropriate construction sites when necessary.
  • Scale is an important component of how we cater to our clients. We are equipped to handle large projects, shipping thousands of products every week, and nimble enough to dedicate the same efforts to shipping three to four products per day

“Now, they have a storage solution without any warehouse rent to pay. We effectively addressed the issues that were leading to dysfunction and revenue leakage. This client has often written to us to express how pleased they are with their decision to work with us,” says Makkar. XOLogistic’s impactful solutions continue to be evidenced by success stories like these.

A leader in the 3PL industry, XOLogistic consistently delivers solutions that meet and exceed client expectations, remaining flexible and agile to serve clients’ discrete needs. Challenging situations are met with tested solutions and innovative approaches to logistics and operations.

Drawing on its expertise and cutting-edge technology, XOLogistic continues to attain the goals that matter most to clients, allowing them the freedom to focus on their business’s success. Soon, XOLogistic will launch its foreign-trade zone facility to facilitate additional savings for clients, relieving them of customs duties.
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Jitender Makkar, CEO

XO Logistic is an E-commerce & Fulfillment center offering complete On Demand 3PL and warehousing solutions customized to the clients needs. XO Logistic's ergonomic dry-storage public warehouse efficiently manages small, medium, large & extra-large orders from 100 pallets a week to 10,000 pallets in regular, oversized and oversized plus sizes.